Sunday, July 19, 2009

Relaxed and Refreshed

Hey Y'all!
Me and Doodah got home last night around 8:30 or so.
There were so many things that we experienced while on our beach trip with the girls.
Here are a few:
*First and foremost, I got some good ole beach crab legs. YUMMY! While we were eating outside on the deck, we heard a loud yell and saw that the yell came from a man who fell. As everyone rushed to see what had happened, we all witnessed him having a horrible seizure. Some people called 911 and we watched the ambulance drive away with him. I said a quick prayer for him and I still hope he's ok.
*After leaving the restaurant, we noticed a man who appeared to be totally drunk approaching my van. I quickly hit the LOCK button and stopped to let him walk by us. He just stood there so I began backing out of the tiny parking spot. He started yelling and acting like I ran over his foot. I SOOOO did not. My sister and the rest of the girls told me to just leave. His friend was yelling at him to just come on and get in their car, but he kept acting. We finally "escaped" and we were glad to get away from him.
*We went to a consignment/thrift store---well several. As we were leaving I noticed a table of FREE items! I grabbed up these hangers,
these cute little tea cups
and this cute hat that my friend Rhonda modeled for you after church today! hee hee
and this neat old oval small frame. I have big plans for it and I'll show you soon what I want to do with it! The earrings are vintage clip-ons and they were $1.99 a pair at Goodwill. The little ivory and green crocheted item slips on the bottom of a pint jar. I SHALL use this on my desk at school for my pens and pencils.
If you know me, you KNOW I adore and lust after vintage and antique crocheted items. I don't like the "yarn" stuff. I always keep my eye out for the old thread crocheted things!
Here's a picture of some of the doilies I found. I have three more, but I'm NOT hauling out the camera and taking any more pictures tonight.
I especially love these little cup holders. They fit around the bottom of a glass and they're really cute. *Me and Doodah went to a few places on our own too. We went to an antique store where I found more doilies to add to my collection. Also, we found a place called The K-9 Bakery. We both bought treats for our "dog-kids" and LulaBelle just downed 3 peanut butter flavored bones dipped and covered with icing.
*We went shopping to a place called, "MAYFAIR." It's a bunch of really nice shops full of cute stores for skinny people, so we all split up and shopped wherever we wanted to. Doodah and I ended up at Michael's. We got some great deals on some stuff and there are surprises in store for some "projects" we got stuff for.
*Me and Gina took the golf cart and rode around Carolina Beach looking for yard sales. We only found three and neither one of us bought anything! UGH! So, when we got back to her place, I talked Doodah into going to more that were out on the main highway. I hit a few jackpots!
I got LOTS of VHS movies for 50 cents each. The Disney ones are for Robbie and the Hallmark Hall of Fame are for emergency days at school since they're G rated!
Some books for either 25 cents or 50 cents
Pillowcases were 25 cents. I plan on using them to make some cute aprons. I found a tutorial somewhere and they're so easy! I do love me some aprons!
I also found this GORGEOUS pitcher. It was a whopping dollar!
*We drove down to Fort Fisher and took some pictures. Me and Doodah bought matching capris for $10 just for our picture opportunity! None of the pictures are good, due to the sun setting in our faces and the wind, but here are a few.
*On the way home I saw this teenager racing a lawn mower in his yard. One of those racing know right? I've heard of them but have never seen them. As we passed, I told Doodah that he was going too fast. When I looked in the mirror, I saw him jump off of it in a ditch and the thing rolled over on him. I was freaking out but she made me keep going because there were people in the yard. I was screaming!
We had a great time!
I'll be back tomorrow and post some pictures of the beautiful sunset God gave us to look at on our way home!
Be Blessed!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, my goodness!! You have the most excitement everywhere you go!!! I'm so glad you had an awesome time with the girls!!


Garry / Cheryl said...

Welcome home! Glad you have a great time and love your pics.

Did you see me waving your way while standing one the pier?

Amanda Beaty said...

To quote you while you were beating the fire out of my arm "OH MY GOSH MANDA, HE FLIPPED IT!!! HE FLIPPED IT!!!" ~~~I'm still laughing at your reaction a week later!!!~~~Love ya sissy!! =0)