Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Camera...Some New Pictures

Hey Y'all!  I played with my new camera this afternoon with my two most favorite boys!  I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!
Have a great weekend!


Hey Y'all!
I hope you're having a great week.  The weekend is ALMOST here!!!
I'm excited about our trip to Tennessee tomorrow afternoon!  Today's gonna be awfully busy once we get home because we've gotta pack and have the car loaded.  As soon as school's out and Big Daddy gets home from work, we are hitting the road!  Here are three of the places we'll be visiting! Click on their names if you want, because I've included a link! 

The Beehive Wholesale Jewelry

The Farmer's Daughter Restaurant

Y'all hear my belly growlin'??
My camera made it to The Doublewide and I've had so much fun learning how it operates and working with
it--still have a long way to go though! 
Other than that, not a LOT going on this week....
Here's a poem that read yesterday and I love:
Are you too busy to help them play?
Too busy to listen to what they would say?
Are you too busy to watch them swing?
Too busy to hear the songs they can sing?
If you're always too busy, except to scold
They may be too busy when you grow old!

Enjoy your day....spend it with your little ones if you have them!  If not, be a friend to somebody who needs you today!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I have a date tomorrow.....


and I can barely stand myself because of it!  It'll be here just in time for our weekend getaway to Freddie and Kay's home in eastern Tennessee.  I am so looking forward to some good eatin' and some good shoppin' and some good visitin' with some good friends!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Church Yard Sale

Hey Y'all!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  Robbie went to spend the night with his Pop Pop and Mimi a little while ago and me and Big Daddy are just lying around the house, killin' time.
Our church had a yard sale this morning and I was able to go last night, before the big crowds got there, to purchase some goodies.  I am so happy to show you what I got for a whopping total of $20.00!
There are quite a few pictures here, so bear with me....I'm just excited!  hee hee old metal barn that Robbie can store all of his old (and some new), plastic farm animals in.

The coolest part is the inside...decorated up too!

Two books...50 cents each.  The one on the left is Amish fiction...I'm hooked!  The one on the's a "thriller".  I finished a book by the same author this week, so I thought I'd give it another go with this one...

Big Daddy found an open-face fishing reel

A vintage Melmac bowl

Vintage Pyrex Butter Dish...PRECIOUS, right?!!

A spare bag of APPLE drawer/doorknob pulls...just in case any of mine are messed up, I now have some spares!

Two vintage ladies hankies

ADORE this huge bag of misc. ric-rac!!!

Big bag of misc lace, bias tape, elastic, ribbon, etc.

Grand Ole Opry ashtray in the shape of a guitar...seriously!!

Vintage pink pillowcases...still in original packaging...swoon!

The next few pictures are of what I thought to be old pillowcases, but they're HUGE...could they possibly be old feed sacks?  I'm taking them to my Mammaw and asking her!

A beautiful OLD queen sized flat sheet

Queen flat sheet with two pillowcases to match

I ADORE this vintage queen sized flat sheet--still in the original package too!

An old cast iron farm truck...PERFECT for Robbie to play with while he's "Farming" here at The Doublewide!
That's it for today....I'm pooped and I've not done a THING!
Oooppss...I told a fib!
I bought me a NEW CANON REBEL EOS Digital Camera online today.  It should be here by the 25th!  Can I tell you how excited I am??!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey Y'all!  I hope you're all having a good day today. 
One minute the sun's out and the next minute it looks like the bottom's gonna fall out.  I can't decide if it's gonna rain or not so we'll see.
I am SOOO excited!  I entered a giveaway over at Linda's Blog, A LA CARTE and WON!  Thanks Linda for hosting the giveaway and the sweet things you said in my email that I just received.  Also, thanks to Erin at THE VINTAGE PEARL for my necklace...before you even make it!  I know it's gonna be awesome!!  This was my favorite necklace Erin had in her shop:
 Now...after getting home from work yesterday, I had planned on getting me a good cat-nap on the couch since Robbie was with his MiMi for the day.  Instead, I chose to watch the episodes of "Little People, Big World" that I have had on the DVR for the last month and get caught up.  Not a good booty is dragging so far behind me today....actually think it still may be on the back porch steps somewhere...hee hee
Speaking of Robbie and yesterday....
He spent Monday night with his Pop Pop and Mimi (Big Daddy's parents).  They both work in law enforcement and have been working the night shift for awhile.  They have missed having him spend the night so after we ate Japanese Monday night, Robbie went home with them.
Instead of taking Robbie to daycare on Tuesday morning, Mimi decided to take him with her to a Women's Law Enforcement meeting in Raleigh, NC.  It's about a 3.5 hour (or so) drive from here to there but she had wanted him to go with her.  He did great...but...while she and one of her friends were giving their presentation, Robbie says, a LOT too loudly, "MiMi---I have to go POOP!"  Whew-wee....MiMi told us that everybody in the room busted out laughing and thought it was hilarious!  All I can say is, "Thank you Jesus, that I wasn't there!!!" because I would have crawled my big tail underneath a chair and hid in the fetal position!  hahaha!!
After we got home, had supper, got ready to get ready for bed (yup--you read that right), my phone rang.  It was my mama telling me to go outside and look at the corner of the house.
For a few years I have been aggravating my daddy to make me a flower for my yard.  He made one out of tractor plow disc know the big circular thingies that are on the back of the plow of the tractor?!  He made a huge flower for my little sister and attached a ladybug to it and put it in her yard.  This thing is the size of a basketball goal or bigger but it's adorable.
Finally...last night...I GOT MY FLOWER!!!
My sweet sweet daddy snuck in the yard while we were gone to pick up Robbie and put a HUGE Metal Daisy at the corner!
***Please totally ignore the algae that has grown on the side of my house recently.  We are gonna get out there and scrub it with steel wool this weekend...maybe...HAHA!***
He cut the petals out with a torch, painted it, and then welded it onto a pole.  It SOOO rocks! 
(You can click on the pictures to make them larger if you want.)


I absolutely adore it!!
While I was on the phone with mama, and daddy was listening because she had me on speaker phone, Robbie grabbed the phone and said this:
"NANA!  My Papa made my mama this pretty flower and put it in our yard.  You know why he did it?  Just because he loves her!" couldn't have been more right!  Thanks Daddy for my AWESOME FLOWER and for thinking of me yesterday when you made it and for loving me enough to spend your time making it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's Get Caught UP!

Hey Y'all! I really hope you have had a wonderful weekend! They're much too fast around The Doublewide..seems like it was just Friday night a few hours ago, and now I'm finding myself right back at work!

There are so many posts I want to share with many I've been rolling around in my noggin' but today I want to show you Robbie's Adoption Day Celebration!
Robbie's first day with us was June 7, 2006. Our adoption was finally legal on May 10, 2007...yup...took almost a year--but we're so thankful!
So, this year, we began a tradition that we plan on celebrating every year on May 10th.
You see, we have been telling Robbie that he was adopted ever since I can remember...I never wanted him to NOT know...didn't want to deal with, "You lied to me" later in life, and since it's something we're not ashamed of, I figured it was best that he knows from the beginning.
We got up last Monday morning and sang Happy Adoption Day to you (in the tune of Happy Birthday). He was GRINNING from ear-to-ear. When I dropped him off at daycare, he told his teacher that it was his Adoption day and was so proud of it! I cried after I left there because he's so special to us and we're so thankful that God chose the BEST little boy in the world to give to us!
After picking him up that afternoon, we went home, got ready, and headed to Adventure Landing in Gastonia, NC. There we played putt-putt and while we were playing, it began to drizzle. We had to "S-K-I-P" several holes before it started raining really hard. We had the whole place to ourselves too. Played a few games inside, bought a "Build-A-Bear" thingy too.
After there, we went to Chic-FilA for supper so that Robbie could play in the little playplace thingy. While there, we saw a former student of mine. She couldn't believe how much he'd grown!
Here are some pictures from his special day!

OK...Hope you enjoyed it!  Come back tomorrow where we'll talk about something GOOD!