Saturday, March 28, 2009

EGGstra Crafty Rainy Day

Hey Y'all!
I hope you have had a great week. If you live around here, I hope you're doing something productive today since it's RAINING AGAIN for the 4th day in a dadgum row!
Oh well--gives us a chance to be lazy and get something done inside, right?
Lil R is sleeping so good right now--him and Lulabelle are piled up in our bed and life is good!
A year or so ago, I bought four plain wooden eggs at a thrift shop thinking I'd make something out of them. You know the kind, right? Just like these:
So today I'm in a bit of a crafty mood, so I got some old cotton lace and some paper roses and my glue gun.
Here's what I came up with:

And just in case you missed the big picture at the beginning of the blog, here are all four in an old wooden thingy that I also purchased at a thrift store:
I also ordered a BUNCH of giant paper clips. I thought they'd make great bookmarks. Here's what I did with those:
Now I know you just LOVE these. I am planning on opening my Etsy shop again really really soon. You can go on there and order just whatever you'd like...except for the eggs of course...sorry.
They're staying here, on my antique little Hoosier cabinet, perched up in their little wooden box, for all to see!
Here are some other pictures of the kitchen all dolled up for Easter here at The Doublewide.
Please ignore the redneck keg grill and our trash can outside. Aren't those little chenille chicks just adorable?

My two long-legged rabbits and Bertha look so cute up against my cookbooks. Lil R broke the ear off of her husband, Bert, so he had to go to the basket and wait on some super glue surgery.
I got this cheeseball dish at our auction at church this past week for $1.00! I found the handpainted ceramic eggs at a thrift shop last year for 25 cents a piece! I have some green spanish moss around here somewhere. I'll put it in there too, but wasn't this a cute idea?
A friend of mine that goes to our church is a huge antique collector. For Christmas he gave me a box of old kitchen items. My favorite is this old dough bowl lined with vintage doilies and plastic Easter eggs that I've had for several years! See that cute little bunny? One of my students gave her to me for Easter about 10 years ago. Something seasonal always finds a place in it every month!
Well, I guess that's it for now. I am off to crawl in the bed with Lil R and grab a quick nap while he's still sleeping!
Be blessed today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somebody Did Some Prayin'

and that's for SURE!
After dropping of Lil R at daycare, without a hitch, I drove through Bojangles and got mammaw a sausage biscuit and got me a country ham biscuit. I also got us both a Mt. Dew and headed towards her house. I knew if I was fixin' to give her a bath that I'd need all the energy and gumption that I could muster up!
We enjoyed our biscuits and believe it or not, she went straight into the bathroom and let me help her with her bath.
She has to sit on the shower chair thing and I help wash her hair and her back and her legs. She does the washing on her front and "middle". Even if she's almost 82, she still has her pride! hee hee
Soon after getting her ready, which included blow-drying her hair and curling it with the curling iron, daddy arrived.
We got her situated in the new minivan and headed to the doctor's office. Her appointment was at 10:00 and we got there at 9:45. We ended up going into a room at 9:55 and things went great. Her doctor said that she gets the "Wound of the Day" award. He kept going on and on about how she was healing so well. As we pulled out of the parking lot, the clock in my van said 10:50. We drove her around for an hour. She has been wanting to "take a ride" and go see:
*the cemetary where her parents are buried
*The cemetary where my pappaw, her husband, is buried
*Her old home place (Which is still standing, by the way)
*Her inherited land, near the home place
We drove all over the place and took the scenic route. It was so nice--just me, mammaw, and daddy.
After we got her home and got her some lunch, me and daddy made plans in the carport to go eat lunch.
I needed to go pick something up from here at The Doublewide before heading back to town. I told daddy that I'd meet him for lunch. When I came down the back steps, there he was. He was sitting in his little Mazda pick-up, smoking his Marlboro, and waiting on me.
I was tickled to death that he did that. I got to ride with my daddy to town and eat lunch with him. Then he drove me back home. I so enjoyed spending time with him and mammaw, but especially spending time with him at lunch.
I am fighting an urge to blog about my daddy, but I'll save that for June--sometime near Father's Day. My heart is so full right now and I want to savor it awhile.
After coming back home, I laid down on the couch, turned the TV to QVC, and woke up about thirty minutes later with DROOL everywhere! I was pooped! I swiped my mouth, rolled over on my side, and slept for another hour. Thank ya Jesus!
After teaching a piano lesson and then going to church, and then getting mammaw ready for bed, I'm finally ready to turn in myself.
Thanks for your prayers this morning. I know y'all were praying because things went so smoothly and I was calm and had an enormous peaceful feelin'!
Have a great day today!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the third time, Mammaw.....

Hey Y'all!
Some of you know my mammaw has dimentia. It's moderate but it ain't getting any better! She takes Aricept, but I swanee it doesn't work. It DOES keep her moodiness and temper tantrums at a tolerable level.
After reading what I just wrote, it sounded so mean.
I thought about deleting those few lines and beginning again, but if you have a family member suffering through this monster, you have those feelings.
We have a friend of mine sit with Mammaw during the day, while we're all working. She does a great job with Mammaw, but when I talk about how "Julie did the laundry or Julie took out the trash, or anything that Julie may have done that day", Mammaw has no clue who Julie is.
Julie and I have been friends since we met in the 5th grade. We got into so much trouble--and I promise I'll blog all about it soon, that her mama made sure we were placed into different 6th grade classes when the time came! HAHAHA
Anyway---we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
While I was over there earlier this evening, I said, "Mammaw--we're going to be taking you to the dr. in the morning."
Mammaw: What in the world for?
Me: So he can check on your bedsore and make sure it's healing the right way.
Mammaw: What bedsore? I don't have a bedsore do I?
Me:'ve had it since October and we've been doctorin' it up. Remember me changing your bandages on it every night?
Mammaw: Oh...yep. I remember that! Did you know I cleaned your butt when you were little?
Me: Yep...and now it's my turn to clean yours ain't it?!
-*-*-*Both of us laughing-*-*-*-*
Mammaw: Oh well..So you got school tomorrow?
Me: Yes, but I'm not working tomorrow.
Mammaw: Why not?
Me: Because we're going to your doctor appointment.
Mammaw: What? Why am I going to the doctor?
Me: So he can look at your bedsore and make sure it's ok.
Mammaw: I ain't got no bedsore and I ain't a going to no doctor.
Me: (Thinking--I AM NOT GOING THROUGH ALL OF THIS AGAIN) Well Mammaw...I'm going back across the road. I have to check on my boys and make sure they're ok.
Mammaw: Ok--nitey nite. I don't know what I'd do without you Michelle.
Me: I don't know what I'm going to do without you either Mammaw....nite.
And as I'm pulling the door closed....I hear her say....
Mammaw: and I ain't a goin' to no doctor.

My daddy always goes when we take mammaw to the dr. Me and my sister take turns missing work to go.
Please say a prayer for us in the morning.
Pray that mammaw will wake up in a good mood.
Pray that she'll let me give her a bath without a fuss.
Pray that I can get Lil R to daycare after him being out sick the last two days because of allergies.
Pray that she can get into my new minivan without any problems.
Pray that we get a good report from the dr.
Pray that she doesn't pee in my new van---hahah---maybe I'm kidding??!!
Pray that everything will go ok and that we'll all have a great day together tomorrow.

I know the older she gets, the fewer chances I have to make memories with her. Thank you Lord for keeping her here awhile longer and for making sure that Lil R knows her and will remember her when he's older.
Y'all have a great day!
Send me your mailing address and I'll send you your goodie box!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Love Me Some Saturdays!

I just adore a Saturday at The Doublewide. As much as I hate doing laundry, cleaning house, mopping, etc., I still love the lazy feel of a Saturday. I enjoy sleeping until the Lord or Lil R wakes me up, I love enjoying coffee in my pajamas on the couch watching TV shows that we have DVR'd, spending time with my little man and my big daddy, and just doing whatever it is we feel like doing.
This morning I made a breakfast casserole and have about 18 bathing suits listed on Ebay!
I found them at a surplus store in Stanley. I hope they all sale because none of them are my size! I finally dyed my hair. It's been beggin me for about 3 weeks to get done. I declare my roots were close to two inches and I have GRAY hair. I don't mean salt and pepper, I mean GRAY! I was the lucky child to inherit the gray hair gene from my great grandfather on mama's side. He was white-headed by the time he was 30. I began dying my hair since I was 16.
I'm headed out now to do a little shopping with my little sister, Doodah.
Here's a few pictures of Lil R. I took these this week as we were headed out to eat with Big Daddy's dad and step-mom.
Enjoy and be blessed today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I called my dentist yesterday morning and explained the crown situation. After lots of laughs from both me and the receptionist (who is a sweetheart), she told me she'd call and get me worked in.
So I went today at 5:30. Turns out the crown can't be replaced! It's a long and boring story, but know that my bank account's gonna get hit for about $600.00 in the next six weeks.
All of the gagging and everything else that I went through to find my crown and it didn't do any good.
Oh well, I have the crown now. All cleaned in Clorox and then sterilized by the dental assistant. Should I get a shadowbox and frame the sucker? Should I turn it into some freaky necklace pendant? Should I squish it down in some plaster of paris and make a base for a candlestick?
Hmmm...I could drill a hole in it and make it a cute little bead to hang from a bookmark that I can crochet?
Ahh...the possiblilties are endless?
Here's a fun little contest!
Submit your comment telling me what I could do with my crown. The winner will receive a sweet little suprise from me!
Tell all of your friends and have them visit my blog and comment too so that they can enter.
I am going to let my sister pick the winner from all of the ideas submitted.
Contest ends this Friday night at midnight---March 20th!
Hey---I've gotta find some good in this bad situation after all, right?!!
Let the games begin!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Monday...

Well I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. We had Friday night and most of Saturday to ourselves since Lil R spent the night with his grandparents.
We did absolutely NOTHING but eat and hang out in the den all day Saturday! I don't think I even took my gown off all day long--that's how lazy we were. Those days are good and they're few and far between.
Sunday was great. After finding my crown and looking in the bulletin to check out our list of songs for the day, I decided that "Crown Him With Many Crowns" would be the song I'd play during the offertory. That got most of the choir giggling. My best friend said it wouldn't have been so bad, but the fact that I was banging it out made it more funny.
After church we came home and ate hot dogs for lunch and I took a long nap with Lil R. Then I went to choir practice and church last night.
I did manage to crochet this lovely little bookmark. I've not crocheted with thread that much, so this project was a challenge. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out though.

Also, as my students and I tackled their sewing a pillow project last week, one of my students' grandmothers sent a bunch of fabric that she no longer wanted and donated it. Oh happy day! I just love fabric and I enjoyed going through everything. She sent trims and lace, and lots of nice stuff. I found this huge piece of flannel type material. One of my students accidentally brought in quilting batting instead of polyfil stuffing for her pillow. I had some extra stuffing on hand so she wanted to swap instead of making another trip to Wal-Mart. So I took the batting and the donated material and made a cute and soft blanket for Lil R. He adores it!

I'm thinking he's gonna have a hard time keeping Lulabelle's little tail off of it though! Can you see his JOCKIES? He's doing sooo good with the potty thingie. That's all I'm gonna say though, because just as sure as I go to braggin' on him, he'll be in his room sneaking a dookie in his pants--for REAL! may have noticed that I still have my Valentine's Day decor up in the kitchen. Since St. Patty's day is tomorrow, I may decide to decorate the tree and cabinet tonight. If so, I'll show you tomorrow what I came up with.
While shopping awhile back at The Dollar Tree, one of my favorite stores, I found these precious little bunnies. They've already found their place in my kitchen windowsill perched up on a vintage pink crocheted doily!
Have a great night!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


After using the pottie this morning I began my all too familiar trip outside with my colander. Have I told you how much I DESPISE doing this?
As I was on my way outside, I told Big Daddy that this was the LAST time I was going to go outside and strain my dookie. After a week of doing my business in a colander, I've about had enough!
Like every other time I've done this I had told myself that I was crazy. It's raining and there I stood in my pretty little (well---I SAY little, but a 3X ain't too little now is it?!) nightgown with ugly brown shoes on squirting water from a hosepipe into a colander full of dookie. I'm sure anyone riding down the road would declare my insanity!
So...anyway...I looked down and guess what??!!!
There it was! I was jumping up and down, singing The Doxology, and almost to the point of tears!
I ran back in, cleaned the crown, and now she's sitting in a disposable bowl on the counter with 1 part Clorox to 3 parts water.
I am so glad this whole ordeal is DONE!
My advice if you have crowns: When you pop one out, immediately put it into a ziploc bag and go visit your dentist! Don't put it back and try to do tricks to impress your lunch guests. Don't take a nap and then get up and eat cashews like a mad woman. Don't do anything but make a mad dash towards your dentist!
Enjoy your day today and celebrate with me!
Now--I wonder if we'll be singing "Crown Him With Many Crowns?" at church today?? tee hee hee

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey Y'all! I hope you've all had a wonderful week!
Lil R is spending the night with Big Daddy's folks tonight and we've decided to have a night in here at The Doublewide!
Big Daddy suprised me today at lunch at school. He came in and asked our principal if it was ok if he took me to lunch! I was able to go during my lunch time and we had a great little quick lunch.
I still haven't found my crown, in case you're wondering!
Also, I made about a dozen yo-yo's today and made two keychains for my cousins who also teach at my school.
I'm headed now to the mail basket and dig out the Netflix movies that have been in there for about a month!
Big Daddy bought steaks to grill for supper and he just told me that he was going to take some Texas Toast and butter it up and then grill that too! Whew---have I told you lately how much I adore my Big Daddy?!!
I'm so blessed to have him---God sure did know what He was doing when He put us together.
Enjoy your night/weekend!
I think I'm going to do a little thrift store shopping tomorrow too while Lil R is being spoiled by his Pop Pop and Mimi!
Whatever your plans are for the weekend, enjoy them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yo-Yo's ROCK!

Oh Emm Gee! Can I tell you how much I LOVE and ADORE those cute little fabric yo-yo's?
Like where they took some of different sizes and joined them together to make a Christmas Tree ornament.
And I am in LOVE with that cute little Yo-Yo Scarf:
There's nothing like a Yo-Yo covered pillow either:
And this cute Yo-Yo Quilt sold on a website for $200.00!!
Why, they're even taking Yo-Yo's and making jewelry with them! Check out this gorgeous necklace:
And I can't get enough of these cute little puffy yo-yo's either:
And...isn't this just the cutest little Christmas Tree with Yo-Yo ornaments all dolled up for Valentine's Day?
Whew--I am LUSTING after this Yo-Yo Purse! Is it NOT just to DIE FOR?!

And check out the way somebody put yo-yo's around a lampshade!

I hope you've enjoyed our little Yo-Yo Photo-Tour today! I love these things and need to just sit and sew them along while I'm watching TV.
Have a Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I apologize for changing my blog's background all of the time. That's part of my adult ADHD or OCD. I have diagnosed myself with both of those lately.
I found the PICNIK website through Joy's Hope's blog. Julie is very very super-duper talented and I love reading her posts! Check her out here.
I guess there's not really much to post, so instead of boring you to death, I'll get off of this computer tonight and head to bed!
Have a wonderful night/day, depending on when you read this post.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guess what I did?!

So this afternoon I was taking my nap with Lil R. I woke up hungry, as usual and remembered while me and Little Sister were out yesterday that I had purchased a bag of THESE at The Dollar Tree:

So...I hopped up out of the bed, without waking up Lil R and headed to the kitchen to get my treat! As soon as I started chewing, and remember I still wasn't "awake" yet, before I knew it, I had swallowed one of THESE:
Oh Lord Help ME! Do y'all have any idea how much a crown costs to replace? It actually came off yesterday afternoon while I was eating a caramel. I pulled a "funny" on Little Sister and her husband at lunch and popped it out right at the table making them crack up! I told them it was so "trailer park" for me to do that at the table but we were cracking up! My daddy would have thumped my head for sure on that one---even if I am 37 years old!
I wrapped it up in the little paper envelope that your forks come in, and Big Daddy put it in his shirt pocket while we ate.
On the way home I'm like, "Give me back my tooth!" So he did, and I popped it back in it's little space.
Now after lying down and eating my cashews, it's a goner.
I Googled "I swallowed my crown!" and the news is N-A-S-T-Y! Many people have done this exact thing--thank God! But I'm sure those people had enough couth not to pop it out at the table and amuse your lunch friends! But, I digress.
The solution that the websites suggests is twofold:
#1. Set up an appt at the dentist and get another one. $1000 ballpark cost
#2. "Strain" your do-do and then soak it in 1 part Clorox to 3 parts water for a couple of hours. Then take it to the dentist and they can sterilize it and put it back. $100 ballpark cost
So--is it worth $900 to sift through my dookie for a crown that's just been through my entire digestive tract? Is it worth that to carry my $1.50 colander and my $1.50 bamboo skewers into the bathroom at work everytime nature calls?
Oh Lord please help me! This is truly a first for me, but I think I ain't got $900.00 to play with right now! I'm using any extra money on jockies for Lil R because he can't seem to know when he's gonna do-do in his pants lately!!!
Now--as I leave y'all, here's a funny from today at church:
We actually took Lil R in jockies to church today. This was a first. I play the piano at our church and we were running a little late, so I had to get in the choir room to practice before church started. That left Big Daddy to take Lil R to the nursery and drop him off. He told the sweet ladies in there to sit Lil R on the pottie every 20 minutes or so. One of the ladies told Big Daddy after church was over, that when she sat Lil R on the pottie she had to help him point his "weedle" down so he wouldn't pee pee all over her. Well when he had finished peeing, he told her, "Lady--you can take your hand off of "that thang" if you want to!"
We have laughed ALL afternoon at him! Kids say the craziest things don't they?!
Have a great week this week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's a Beautiful Morning

Wow! I can't believe how gorgeous it is outside! It's a whopping 67 degress right now and it's only 10:45.
I just sent Big Daddy and Lil R off to see Big Daddy's PawPaw about 2 hours away. They wanted to ride up and spend the day with him and I have the day all to myself! WOOHOO!
Me and Little Sister are going to go shopping today. Gonna head towards Mooresville and do some thrift store and antique shopping. I'm tired of shopping around at all the same places, so this is gonna be FUN!
Y'all have a great day today! Get outside and let the sun shine on your face and the wind blow through your hair!
What are your plans for today!?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heavenly Accident and Cabin Fever

Well as I told you in the last post, I got my wish about the snow! We didn't have school yesterday or today and it's still out there lying around!
Here's what it looks like right now out my back door.
My Pappaw Fred used to say if snow lies around awhile that it's waiting on more. I say, "BRING IT!" My fat lil belly can't seem to get enough snow cream in it! Here's the first batch we made Monday. So anyway, a sweet lady that used to live down the road from me while growing up passed away yesterday. I was making a homemade strawberry cake to take down there and goofed up on the icing. I put too much strawberry juice in the cake and I'm almost embarrassed to take it down there, but hopefully they'll know it's the thought that counts and hopefully it'll taste great despite looking like a pink rectangular BLOB!
Needless to say, I had a LOT of icing leftover and I just couldn't throw it away, so here's what I came up with--all by myself!
Strawberry Puddin'
Here's the recipe:
Layer vanilla wafers in the bottom of an 8x8 glass dish
Cover with thawed strawberries
Next spread the "icing"
More vanilla wafers
More Strawberries
More Icing
Top with Cool Whip
Chill in fridge
Man--it's sure good!
Oh--here's the ICING part
1 stick of butter at room temp
4 cups of powdered sugar
1 cup of strawberries
Mix all that together
It's soo good that I named it Strawberry Heaven!
Try it--I promise you won't be disappointed.
I must admit that I do have some cabin fever though. I've been cooped up in The Doublewide since I got home Sunday afternoon after church.
I have almost got my laundry caught up and me and Lil R have played until we almost can't play no more! hahah
As I'm typing, he's in the bed taking his nap! Our sweet dog, Lulabelle, is piled up in the bed with him too! Couldn't you just kiss his face plum off?!
Big Daddy just got home. He's worked 12 hour days for the past two days and has told me to go ge a shower and get out of the house for a bit tonight. He's the best thing!
So--I leave you with a picture of Lil R's bedroom. This is what it looks like after two days of not cleaning up behind him. Oh, how I wish I could just SNAP my fingers and it'd be all clean!
Oh well--The Goodwill Store and The Dollar Tree are calling my name!
Have a great night!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Whew--well I finally got what I asked/prayed for--SNOW!
I think we ended up getting about 5-6 inches last night. I took lots of pictures in the dark. Big Daddy had to go to work this morning at 6:00 AM. He couldn't get out of the driveway and ended up calling someone from work to bring one of those big trucks to come and get him. Bless his heart!
Lil R was so excited about the snow last night that he couldn't go to sleep until 1:30. It's now 11:07 and he's STILL in the bed! LulaBelle is all snuggled up with him. All he talked about last night was how ready he was to make snow angels this morning, but he can't seem to shake that sleep thing just yet. It's ok baby--sleep on! I'm happy to have the day off and even more happy that after about 3 years I got my belly full of some awesome snow cream last night!
If you don't have the recipe, here you go:
2 cans of evaporated milk
2 cups of sugar
1 tsp of vanilla flavoring
Mix all these well to dissolve the sugar and then add snow until it's the consistency you like.
Also, some Hershey's Syrup is awesome on it with some bananas too! Here's what mine looked like last night.
And here's what Lil R looked like while he enjoyed it!
I'll leave you with some beautiful pictures that I took around the backyard this morning, just after sunrise, at The Doublewide.

Ain't God just the best artist?!
Enjoy your day today!