Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And to Think It Was Only GAS?!

Hey Y'all!  Sorry I've not been here in over a week.  I'm getting pretty pathetic about blogging, but I still am lurking in internet land and read my favorites pretty frequently.
This past Sunday morning at 5:00 AM I woke up in horrible pain.  Couldn't get fixed or comfy no matter what position I laid in or which side I tried to roll on.
I got up, came to the computer, and still was in misery.
This continued until time to get ready for church.  The feeling was like a bad case of gas bubbles that get underneath your muscles and skin...felt like I was having a heart attack.
I managed to get ready, between many times of hitting my knees and praying for God to take away my pain so that I could concentrate on worshiping Him during service.
Drove me and Robbie to church.  Big Daddy planned on staying home because something was wrong with the pump on our well and we barely had any water.
Could NOT stand to think about singing in the choir, so I just played the piano.  I had told my sister and some others just how bad I was hurting and how miserable I was feeling.  I ended up leaving early and drove myself to the Emergency Room.
After a CTScan, I found out my gall bladder was enlarged, inflamed, and infected and would have to come out.  I was admitted to the hospital that afternoon and surgery was scheduled for the next morning.
Yesterday was CRAZY--I slept most of the day following my surgery and was released to come home around 7:30.
As soon as I got in the door, I was vomiting due to taking a heavy pain medicine on an empty stomach--thank you Ms. Nurse for allowing THAT to happen!
Anyway...I'm home and am really really sore!  Hope to be back to normal really soon, but have a substitute teacher for the remainder of the week.  I sure don't wanna push things too hard!
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Venture o' Mine....

Hey Y'all!  I hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!  At The Doublewide, I was fighting allergies and sinuses all weekend.  Saturday was spent on the couch and in the bed, but after lots of sinus/allergy medications, I am feeling much better this morning.  I can barely talk right now, but other than that, things are well.
Friday afternoon I launched something that's been a LOT of fun!  I have begun making boutique style hair bows for little girls.  Since I have a 4 year old little boy, I miss out on the fru-fru frilly stuff, so I'm getting my "fix" this way!
Thus, the beginning of Big Lucky Mama's Bows!  I've had a hard time coming up with the name...UGH!
Some of my students used to call me Big Mama.  That started and I catch myself referring to myself as Big Mama to my kids....As in..."If you don't get busy, you will find that the wrath of Big Mama is not pleasant!" OR...."Big Mama is in a wonderful mood today, and she hopes that you are too!" 
Now, why the "lucky" part?  It's obvious if you know us...although lucky isn't really the right word...more like BLESSED....but Big Blessed Mama's Bows didn't flow as well as the lucky, so....that's how it went.
I will be opening the Etsy shop soon! 
Below are a few pictures of some of my bows!  If you have little girls in your family, please remember these bows for Christmas!  CUTE Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are being worked on now to be listed soon!
  Click HERE to go check out the shop.  It's still under a LOT of construction, but I am busily working on it between classes!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another First....

Hey Y'all! 

I took Robbie to the dentist for the first time yesterday.  (Ok...I just lied.  He went once before he was two because he fell and cracked one of his front teeth while we were waiting on our table at The Outback for dinner.  They said since it was not a permanent tooth, that he'd be ok.)
So....we went yesterday to where me and Big Daddy go to the dentist to take Robbie for his "Happy Visit!"
Obviously we don't go to a Pediatric Dentist, but they were so sweet to show Robbie around the office and to teach him about the tools they use.  He loved the little vacuum thingy the best!
The lady in the following picture is actually a mother to one of my former students--who just moved away to college this year!  He's the baby of three sons, so she said she is loving the empty nest right now!  I'm tickled for her---anybody to raise three boys deserves some time off eventually!
Below is Robbie and Mrs. Terri.  She is adorable!

Here she is explaining all about germs and why she wears gloves.

She said she couldn't believe what a great "patient" he was--said that Robbie was the BEST 4 year old EVER to be in the chair!  Here she was actually able to go ahead and clean his teeth.  He never complained, never fussed, anything!  He was SO EXCITED to be there!

This is Robbie with our dentist, Dr. Cox.  He is such a great guy--loved Robbie too!

Finally, there's NOTHING like a great goodie bag for departure!

Thank you Dr. Cox, Mrs. Terri, and everyone else for making Robbie's first dental visit so much fun!  He is still talking about it and learned a lot!

Now---remember me telling you I wanted to "glitter" my toes?  Well---I did it!  It was SOOO easy!  Just paint your toes with a color of your choice and let them dry.  Apply a second coat, one toe at a time, and sprinkle glitter while the polish is wet.  I used the really fine Martha Stewart glitters...I have three different sets because my little sister loves buying me glitter...don'tcha Doodah?  hint hint!  hee hee
Here's the glitter I used:
And here are my piggies!

Go treat yourself and glitter your toes!  It's so much fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010



Those were my thoughts this morning as I rolled over at 7:45!  If I was a millionaire, 7:45 would not have been a problem.  But,...alas....I am not a millionaire! 
Most of you know already that I am a Middle School Home Ec. teacher.  My first group of students enter my classroom at 8:10.  So...NOW you understand why I was in freak-out mode this morning.  I had to get myself AND Robbie ready, drop him off at daycare, and then make it here---did that ALL by 8:40.  Thank GOD for the teacher in the classroom next door.  She "had my back" and took my kids into her room and babysat them until I got here.
Me, Big Daddy and Robbie are headed to visit our good friends, Kay and Freddie this afternoon.  The suitcase is packed but we're waiting on one load of Big Daddy's overalls to dry.  Luckily, he's getting off work at 2:30 today instead of 3:30 so he'll be able to throw them in the dryer before I get home.
We are really looking forward to getting in some quality time with our friends and to getting a little Tennessee mountain air in my lungs!  We're also looking forward to our return to The Farmer's Daughter in Chuckey, TN.  Here is my plate from last time we were there:

I look forward to blogging with more pictures on Monday evening or Tuesday morning from our trip. They said the high for tomorrow is only supposed to be 79 degrees.  That just makes me smile thinking about it!
Before I hush, I found a new blog this morning!  Don't exactly remember how I ended up there, but she shows us how to make our toenails glitter!  If you know me, you know I love for my toenails to be snazzy since I am a pianist and can't have those lovely french-tipped fake nails. (Which I think are beautiful and would LOVE to be able to have--but I can't take the "clicking" noise they make when I play piano--kinda makes me gag--literally!)  Anyway...Check out Laura's post on GLITTER TOENAILS by clicking HERE!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!