Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another First....

Hey Y'all! 

I took Robbie to the dentist for the first time yesterday.  (Ok...I just lied.  He went once before he was two because he fell and cracked one of his front teeth while we were waiting on our table at The Outback for dinner.  They said since it was not a permanent tooth, that he'd be ok.)
So....we went yesterday to where me and Big Daddy go to the dentist to take Robbie for his "Happy Visit!"
Obviously we don't go to a Pediatric Dentist, but they were so sweet to show Robbie around the office and to teach him about the tools they use.  He loved the little vacuum thingy the best!
The lady in the following picture is actually a mother to one of my former students--who just moved away to college this year!  He's the baby of three sons, so she said she is loving the empty nest right now!  I'm tickled for her---anybody to raise three boys deserves some time off eventually!
Below is Robbie and Mrs. Terri.  She is adorable!

Here she is explaining all about germs and why she wears gloves.

She said she couldn't believe what a great "patient" he was--said that Robbie was the BEST 4 year old EVER to be in the chair!  Here she was actually able to go ahead and clean his teeth.  He never complained, never fussed, anything!  He was SO EXCITED to be there!

This is Robbie with our dentist, Dr. Cox.  He is such a great guy--loved Robbie too!

Finally, there's NOTHING like a great goodie bag for departure!

Thank you Dr. Cox, Mrs. Terri, and everyone else for making Robbie's first dental visit so much fun!  He is still talking about it and learned a lot!

Now---remember me telling you I wanted to "glitter" my toes?  Well---I did it!  It was SOOO easy!  Just paint your toes with a color of your choice and let them dry.  Apply a second coat, one toe at a time, and sprinkle glitter while the polish is wet.  I used the really fine Martha Stewart glitters...I have three different sets because my little sister loves buying me glitter...don'tcha Doodah?  hint hint!  hee hee
Here's the glitter I used:
And here are my piggies!

Go treat yourself and glitter your toes!  It's so much fun!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

So glad Robbie had a great time at the dentist!! And I LOVE the glitter toenails!! What a great idea!!


Cheryl said...

So proud of Robbie !!

Glitter ... will have to think about that one !

Nancy M. said...

That is so awesome! I am so scared to take my 3 years old, he's so wild. There's no telling how he'll be, lol!