Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blessed Beyond Words Today!

Hey Y'all!  I hope you've had a great beginning to your week.  I didn't work yesterday because I had to take my mammaw to the doctor for them to check on her legs.  They discharged her and said if any sores come back to come back, so right now, things are great!
This afternoon, I had two missed calls on my cell phone right after school was over.  One was from my daddy and the other was from my mama.  I immediately thought something bad had happened, because they don't/won't call me during school unless something's wrong.
I called daddy back and he wanted a ride out to the farm.  He was at their house in town and so after I picked up Robbie from daycare, I picked up daddy and we headed out this way.
I asked daddy if it would be ok for us to go to The Old House and see if there were any daffodils in the yard since I don't have any outside here at The Doublewide.  He was happy to go and we headed down the old dirt road to see this old place waiting on us:
As soon as we all piled out of the van, we found the flowers and started to pick!  I was busy snapping pictures and daddy and Robbie were busy picking!

While we were there, I took the chance to get some awesome pictures of Robbie!

Finally, we were finished and we went to Mammaw's to get the small amount of flowers out of her side yard.  After picking those, we took them in for her, found a vase, and put them on her side table so that she could enjoy them too!
Here's my Little Man taking the flowers to Mammaw!

I just can't begin to tell you how blessed I felt this afternoon.  I rarely spend time with just my daddy.  I'm more of a "Mama's Girl", but man...I'm sure glad God chose to smile on me and daddy today and that He gave us some wonderful memory making time together!
If you're lucky enough to have your parents here on earth with you, take some time to hang out with them.  As somebody once said, "This is the stuff memories are made from!"
Enjoy your day today!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Look for Me Here....

Saturday morning...Robbie's at his Nanny's....should we sleep in....drink coffee....browse the web?
Shoot No!  It's too pretty outside for that!
You'll find me here:

And maybe...I'll be back to show you what we found!
Have a great Saturday!


Hey Y'all!  Been crazy busy as usual, but I felt guilty for not posting anything lately.  Here's something fun that I found over at Kim's blog.  She's got a cute little blog and I enjoy reading her posts frequently, so let's get started!

I am...looking forward to this weekend...it's been a long, hard week!

I think...I need one more cup of coffee.

I should...be doing something more productive but I needed a little mental break from reality.

I dream...about having a new home.

I want...my parents to be ok...they know what I'm talking about......

I know...that I am loved and blessed beyond words.

I don't like...sweet peas and having piles of laundry.

I smell...a fresh linen candle and coffee, both of which are on my desk.

I usually...laugh really loud when I think something is really really funny...like one of those belly laughs where you end up peeing your pants

I hear...the fan running and papers rustling.

I fear...losing my child since it took us so long to get him.

I search...for ways to organize, new crochet patterns on ravelry, and stupid question I need answered on Google, bluegrass videos on Youtube.

I miss...my boy!  He has spent the last two nights with his Pop Pop and Mimi since they were off this week.  I can't wait to get my hands on him this afternoon!

I always...wish for more hours in the day

I regret...not going to bed on time during the week.

I wonder...if I will ever get my house cleaned and organized enough to suit myself?

I crave...lots of things...mostly Coffee in the morning.

I remember...my Pappaw Fred (click here for my favorite post about him)--this time of year especially.

I forgot...that I have library books that are overdue and need to get there TODAY!

I can...play a mean version of, "Mansion Over the Hilltop" on the piano!  hee hee

I can't...stand the shirt I'm wearing today.  Seems as if all of the ones I have are shortening?!  I can't bear to have my belly hanging out!  HAHAH!

I am happy...that today is Friday and the weekend is here and Spring Break is only two weeks away!

I lose...track of time when I sit down at the computer!

I sing...in the shower, to my son, in the van, in our choir, with my best friend and sister, to my students....basically whenever I get the urge.

I listen...to bluegrass and southern gospel.....but I need to listen to that still small voice more often and stop thinking I can do it all by myself.

I shop...way less than I used to!

I eat...the wrong things at the wrong time of the day!

I love...my family.

Have a great day today y'all!  The weather's beautiful and I think we're gonna go to some yard sales tomorrow!  WOOHOO!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laws a Mercy---Craziest thing I've ever seen!

Hey Y'all!
I hope you've all been doing well since I last posted.  I'm pathetic...I know it! 
So much has been going on that I haven't had time to get here...I do read my favorite blogs most days and am keeping up with y'all!
Aren't y'all just loving this warm weather?  Big Daddy took Robbie to our church's parking lot yesterday while I took Mammaw back to the doctor.  She's doing well and should be out of leg wraps within two weeks, hopefully.  It has taken four weeks for her legs to look THIS good: 
Just so you know, all of that discoloration is dead, dry skin.  I tried to get a picture that wasn't too nasty or gross.  They look so much better now.  You can't imagine how bad they were at the beginning.  We moved her back home and have hired a girl that goes to our church to sit with her.  Things are great and I can get a good nights' sleep! 
Robbie fell and got a fat lip yesterday...nearly scared me to death, but he's ok. So glad my daddy, "Papa" was there to give Robbie a pep talk and things are fine...whew!

I'm fixing spaghetti and salads for supper tonight and am expecting 10 people to be eating at The Doublewide! 
I was running late to work this morning!  Big Daddy took Robbie to daycare for me since he is off today due to a doctor's appt.  I checked on Mammaw, gave her meds to her, and headed to school.  As I went up one large hill, I noticed traffic (what little there is out in the country), had nearly stopped.  There was a pickup truck in front of me, then a big trash truck in front of him.  From there, I couldn't see what the hold up was until we topped the hill.  There were two DONKEY-DRAWN buggies on the highway.  One was an Amish buggy and one was another smaller yellow buggy and they were being pulled by donkeys.  Craziest thing I've ever seen---try to explain that one to your boss...."Yes sir...I swear it...there were donkey buggies in the road and I couldn't get by!"
I apologize for the horrible picture.  The sun was bearing down on my eyes, I was driving, and my camera was on the wrong setting...but here is my proof!  You can barely see the buggies through my nasty windshield, but they're on the right.  The next picture is what I saw when traffic was stopped as I pulled up the hill.
Be blessed y'all!

And finally....let's close with such a sweet little couple of cuties!  This was taken last week after church.  We had a wedding shower for a couple who'd gotten married and he was smooching on Cydney!  Precious!