Friday, March 19, 2010


Hey Y'all!  Been crazy busy as usual, but I felt guilty for not posting anything lately.  Here's something fun that I found over at Kim's blog.  She's got a cute little blog and I enjoy reading her posts frequently, so let's get started!

I am...looking forward to this's been a long, hard week!

I think...I need one more cup of coffee.

I doing something more productive but I needed a little mental break from reality.

I dream...about having a new home.

I parents to be ok...they know what I'm talking about......

I know...that I am loved and blessed beyond words.

I don't like...sweet peas and having piles of laundry.

I smell...a fresh linen candle and coffee, both of which are on my desk.

I usually...laugh really loud when I think something is really really one of those belly laughs where you end up peeing your pants

I hear...the fan running and papers rustling.

I fear...losing my child since it took us so long to get him.

I search...for ways to organize, new crochet patterns on ravelry, and stupid question I need answered on Google, bluegrass videos on Youtube.

I boy!  He has spent the last two nights with his Pop Pop and Mimi since they were off this week.  I can't wait to get my hands on him this afternoon!

I always...wish for more hours in the day

I regret...not going to bed on time during the week.

I wonder...if I will ever get my house cleaned and organized enough to suit myself?

I crave...lots of things...mostly Coffee in the morning.

I Pappaw Fred (click here for my favorite post about him)--this time of year especially.

I forgot...that I have library books that are overdue and need to get there TODAY!

I a mean version of, "Mansion Over the Hilltop" on the piano!  hee hee

I can't...stand the shirt I'm wearing today.  Seems as if all of the ones I have are shortening?!  I can't bear to have my belly hanging out!  HAHAH!

I am happy...that today is Friday and the weekend is here and Spring Break is only two weeks away!

I lose...track of time when I sit down at the computer!

I the shower, to my son, in the van, in our choir, with my best friend and sister, to my students....basically whenever I get the urge.

I bluegrass and southern gospel.....but I need to listen to that still small voice more often and stop thinking I can do it all by myself.

I shop...way less than I used to!

I eat...the wrong things at the wrong time of the day!

I family.

Have a great day today y'all!  The weather's beautiful and I think we're gonna go to some yard sales tomorrow!  WOOHOO!


Amanda Beaty said...

You can play anything on a piano & make it awesome! I loved this whole post!! Love you sissy!!

Cat said...

lu lu luv this post! you are always so creative! if I haven't told you lately..I love you and think that you are awesome at everything that you do (which is a lot)