Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laws a Mercy---Craziest thing I've ever seen!

Hey Y'all!
I hope you've all been doing well since I last posted.  I'm pathetic...I know it! 
So much has been going on that I haven't had time to get here...I do read my favorite blogs most days and am keeping up with y'all!
Aren't y'all just loving this warm weather?  Big Daddy took Robbie to our church's parking lot yesterday while I took Mammaw back to the doctor.  She's doing well and should be out of leg wraps within two weeks, hopefully.  It has taken four weeks for her legs to look THIS good: 
Just so you know, all of that discoloration is dead, dry skin.  I tried to get a picture that wasn't too nasty or gross.  They look so much better now.  You can't imagine how bad they were at the beginning.  We moved her back home and have hired a girl that goes to our church to sit with her.  Things are great and I can get a good nights' sleep! 
Robbie fell and got a fat lip yesterday...nearly scared me to death, but he's ok. So glad my daddy, "Papa" was there to give Robbie a pep talk and things are fine...whew!

I'm fixing spaghetti and salads for supper tonight and am expecting 10 people to be eating at The Doublewide! 
I was running late to work this morning!  Big Daddy took Robbie to daycare for me since he is off today due to a doctor's appt.  I checked on Mammaw, gave her meds to her, and headed to school.  As I went up one large hill, I noticed traffic (what little there is out in the country), had nearly stopped.  There was a pickup truck in front of me, then a big trash truck in front of him.  From there, I couldn't see what the hold up was until we topped the hill.  There were two DONKEY-DRAWN buggies on the highway.  One was an Amish buggy and one was another smaller yellow buggy and they were being pulled by donkeys.  Craziest thing I've ever seen---try to explain that one to your boss...."Yes sir...I swear it...there were donkey buggies in the road and I couldn't get by!"
I apologize for the horrible picture.  The sun was bearing down on my eyes, I was driving, and my camera was on the wrong setting...but here is my proof!  You can barely see the buggies through my nasty windshield, but they're on the right.  The next picture is what I saw when traffic was stopped as I pulled up the hill.
Be blessed y'all!

And finally....let's close with such a sweet little couple of cuties!  This was taken last week after church.  We had a wedding shower for a couple who'd gotten married and he was smooching on Cydney!  Precious!


Cheryl said...

Glad her legs are doing better and you have some one to sit with her.

Now, you think we're going to believe the donkey thing - NOPE!! Can't even see it, clean those windows before you get hurt.

Awwww little man got him a girlie, so sweet!

Cat said...

I see those dang donkey-drawn buggies all over Stanley! Why in the world would they want to go out and cause school traffic! Just crazy!

sisco said...

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