Monday, July 21, 2014

Again, it's been awhile since I've been here.
We lost mama on March 16th at 11:15 PM.  She left this world holding my hand.
We are learning that life goes on.
We are learning that we are thankful that we did have the time with her to say goodbye and leave nothing left unsaid.
We are learning that we miss her something awful!

Big Daddy, Robbie and myself just got home last night from a week's vacation.  We visited:
Lancaster, PA (and surrounding towns)
Hershey, PA
Warrenton, VA

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed relaxing and spending time with each other.

We enjoyed visiting the Amish and looking at all of the beautiful farms.

I got LOTS of retail therapy in while on vacation too!

Hope to hear from some of you!
Have a great week!