Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where ya been??

Ok....So I haven't been here and posted for awhile.
Life, school, home, etc. has taken ahold of my computer life and won't give it back!
I am really having such a wonderful school year. I knew this change would be the right move. God has proven Himself over and over again to me that, yet again, He know's what He's doing!
I am so thankful that I am in the "Life Skills" (you probably call it Home Economics) position.
This week my students have been sewing! I know what you're thinking..."Ain't no WAY I'd have 7th and 8th graders anywhere NEAR a sewing machine!" I almost thought the same thing and almost freaked out when the day came, but seriously it has been a BLAST!
I have laughed so many times this week at my big middle school boys, football players mind you, who have really enjoyed sewing. I am still amazed at how much kids enouy doing something "hands-on" during the day instead of note-taking, and listening to lectures.
Here's what the back of my classroom looked like 2 days ago...
And here's a picture of what it looks like now.....
And here's how I feel right now.....
But...when these babies take their pillows home tomorrow, and they can show their handiwork to their parents and be proud of it, it will all be worthwhile...
Have a great day!

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is what I need! I need a LARGE burly man to grab ahold of my right side and pull my leg out of my hip! My whole right leg--foot included is killin' me!
The fact that I'm standing on concrete floors all day is not helping matters either.
Please pray that I can get in to see good ol' Doc Brown on US Hwy 321 pretty soon.
Oh...and the feeling I get when he jerks my neck--instant warmth, tingle, and lovin'...well there's just nothing like it.

Between school, home, church, tutoring math, and piano lessons now I just need to find one hour some afternoon, really soon, to make a trip to Dallas.

Have a blessed day!

Oh...and with all the whining, I'll leave a picture of Lil R at his cousin's birthday party this past Saturday.

He's such a charmer and an adorable miracle.
Thanks again Lord, for making us a big happy family!
Isn't he adorable?