Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now What?

So....I have a new dog and we have a brand new minivan. What more could a girl want/need??
I need to get these Christmas decorations DOWN but I can't just quite make myself do it.
The reason is when all this comes down and gets taken to mammaw's little building across the road, I'll catch that bug.
The painting, redecorating, rearrange the furniture ever get it this time of year? I surely do! My mama always told me that I have champagne tastes with a beer pocketbook and she's never been more right.
I'm ready to get my tax money back so we can tear out the living room and den's carpet and put fake hardwoods down. We also have a double-sided fireplace. That baby's outta here so that we can have one big great room instead of a living room and a den. But you know I'll have to be painting and everything else!
I want to redo our hall bathroom. Poor Lil R's gonna grow up using a bathroom with daisies and bumblebees. Of course, his room needs painting too! hahaha
Oh well---I am very happy with what God's given us this week.
Take care and enjoy your day!

Monday, December 29, 2008

We did it again! afternoon last week, we were watching the TV. Lo and behold there ran an ad for a local Kia dealership on their end of year closeout just gotta have it specials--you know the ones right? Normally I'd go to the bathroom, or get more coffee, or check Lil R's diaper, or something else--anything else but watch AND pay attention to the commerical!
But--just this time I listened. I guess the fact that we got our title to our car in the mail last week had just a little bit to do with it.
SO...we went today and we got a new 2008 Minivan. A Kia Sedona, to be exact. We did make sure Big Daddy's daddy went with us. He used to be a car salesman, so we didn't want to get taken for a ride.
We think we got a GREAT deal on it! It only had 11 miles on it when I cranked it up for the test drive.
The only complaint I have is that it takes ALL DADGUM day for everything! UGH!
I'm pooped--could barely stay awake, it felt like, to drive home, but we made it! Lil R has SOOO much more room in it and I love that new car smell!
Here's a picture. Of course it's not one I took, it's one I copied from the internet. I'm sure you'll see the real thing on here soon enough!

Enjoy your day today!

Friday, December 26, 2008

We're Getting a DOG!

Hey y'all! I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Please get your tails to my house and help me take everything down and then haul it to Mammaw's little storage building! Please?
Anyway...I've been stalking the website,, for about 5-6 months looking for a dog. I have a few things this dog must be. First, she must be a SHE! I'm the only girl here at The Doublewide, and I need me a little girl here! Second, she must be house-trained! I can't take a dog pee-ing all over the floors and carpet. Third, she must be CUTE!
I found Airel today on Craigslist. After emailing with her mommy back and forth, she said we were the perfect family for her! We're going to pick her up tomorrow and bring her to The Doublewide! I can't wait to get her here and to dress her up!
Here's the picture her family sent us tonight.I'll be sure to send more tomorrow evening!
Also, I have to post the pictures of me and Big Daddy making peanut butter balls and those of Lil R painting the ornaments he gave everyone for Christmas presents this year! They were a big hit!
Enjoy your day--or night--or whatever!

Lookin' forward to my coffee in the morning already,


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Better, Buyin' and BUGS!

Confused about the title? Well, let me fill you in...


First of all Lil R is MUCH better. After two Rocefin shots last week, he's back to his sweet little self! We have been having the BEST time here at the doublewide. He makes me smile and laugh all day long. If I'm on the couch, he'll run in the den, jump in my lap, and give me a big hug and kiss and say, "Mama...I love you!" I'm so thankful for getting to hear that and getting to know what it feels like to be the mama of a precious little boy during the magical season of Christmas.
Big Daddy's parents took Lil R yesterday afternoon so that we could get a little shopping done. It was fun and we got most of it done in one day! I have made several of the gifts we're giving this year, but we ended up buying a lot yesterday too!
You know I had to save the best for last...
The other night we were in our bed getting ready to go to sleep. We had just finished helping Lil R say his prayers and we were doing the nightly saying of..."Night night...Sleep tight...Don't let the bedbugs bite". My mammaw always said that to us as kids and I still do it.
After all of that, Lil R looks at me and says..."Mama...I eat bugs!," and then busts out laughing. For five solid minutes, all I heard was, "I EAT BUGS!". It was so funny and after I told him how nasty that was he still thought it was hilarious!

We're off to make our yearly batch of chocolate covered peanut butter balls. Pray for my hands...That heavy dough makes my hands cramp!

Enjoy your day today.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Three Down, One to Go!

I have three trees up and only have one left to go until I'm done!
The tree in our den is the "Hershey's Ornament Tree". It's my favorite I think! You can't tell by looking at this picture, but EVERY ornament on the tree is Hershey's. It took me about 2 years to get these ornaments off of Ebay and in stores when I saw them. My favorite is the little stuffed kiss that's on top. Big Daddy won it for me in one of those crane-type machines!
The next tree is the one in our living room. This is where we have all of our favorite ornaments from friends and former students along with our childhood ornments that our parents gave us. The angel at the top of the tree was given to us by Big Daddy's Nanny who passed away right at Christmas with liver cancer. She knew she wouldn't make it, and went that summer before she died and bought all of the grandkids an angel for the top of their tree to remind them how much she loved them. It's a very special ornament for us and we smile when we remember her every year during this season.

Thank God They're Washable!

So, this past Thursday night, I guess it was, I was in the kitchen fixing supper. It had been cold and rainy so I thought I'd make "Breakfast for Supper". You've done that before, I'm sure.
Anyway--Big Daddy went to Bi-Lo and bought some fresh eggs, bacon, sausage, and a loaf of bread. While I was busy fryin, stirrin', and slatherin' (butter on the toast), Robbie got his can of Crayola Markers. Here's what the aftermath was.
Thank GOD they're washable and that I had some good spray cleaner---took it right off the wall and his piano, and his hamper, and...etc.
Enjoy your day today!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crane Pictures are here!

Here's some pictures of the crane we decorated last weekend. I still laugh HARD looking through them.
Enjoy your day today!
I took Lil R to the doctor today to find out that he has double ear infections! I'll be off work tomorrow too. Thank God I have plenty of coffee creamer and cool whip!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you...

I can't believe it's almost Wednesday already. Just 8 more school days until my 2 week vacation! Ain't God good!!
This past weekend was wonderful! Lil R spent the night with his Pop Pop and MiMi Friday night and then spent the night with his Nanny and Grannypaw on Saturday night. It was nice to relax a little bit, but I sure did miss my little man when it was time to go to bed. He's just the best little snuggler and I'm used to him cuddling up with me at bedtime.
We decorated the Christmas tree at church and met the florist to arrange the poinsettias in the sanctuary. It's beautiful! So pretty that we decided to use the church's Christmas tree as a background for our family Christmas pictures again this year.
The famous CRANE is complete! Big Daddy, my sister, and myself decorated it this past Saturday. I didn't have my camera, but she did so as soon as I get her to email the pictures to me, I'll post them.
Let me just say, my daddy loved it! He actually climbed on top of it and added the lights to the very tippy top!
We had a blast and we have to thank Uncle Puddin' for the use of his EXPENSIVE duct tape. It was the shiny kind that looks like chrome. He fussed and said that it costs around 20 bucks a roll--but we didn't care!
I can't wait for y'all to see these pictures!
Mammaw's doing a lot better. They're trying a contraption called a "wound vac" on her bedsore, but she pulls it loose during the night and doesn't know what she's doing. Bless her heart! Her doctor said he doesn't need to see her again for six weeks, so we're happy about that!
I'm finally ready to get Lil R out of his crib. I can't believe he'll be 3 in February and he's still in a crib, but he's such a dare devil! I'm scared he'll hurt himself in a toddler or twin bed. I'm trying to decide which to use. Any advice from my 3 readers will be greatly appreciated! hahaha
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great News

We went to The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor today with Lil R. His tonsils are going to have to come out, but he wants to wait at least six months before he'll make a decision. He said he doesn't like to do this type of surgery until the child is at least three years old. Lil R will be three in February, so we have a little while.
Mammaw's visit went even better! He said her sore was beautiful! And...he doesn't have to see her for six more weeks. He ordered a "wound vac" that is supposed to speed up her healing process. Praise the LORD!
Tonight was so much fun!
We had our women's meeting at church instead of normal prayer meeting, since it's the first Wednesday night of the month. Tonight was when we revealed who we were to our Secret Sisters.
This was so much fun and we had some great food too!
The best part was when me and Amanda took crazy pictures. We were laughing so hard and when I grabbed her arm and told her I was peeing, right there in the church's fellowship hall, was priceless.
Hopefully she'll post some of the pictures on her Myspace, (hint hint) and I'll be able to snag some to post here soon!
I'm off to take Lil R and myself to bed!
Have a great night!

It's NOT Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas we are at December 3rd, and I still have YET to put any decorations up or anything!
I decided to go outside a few minutes ago and give you a little bit of a backyard tour!
First of all...THIS BEAUTY....
When my Pappaw Fred died in 1996, he left my brother, my sister, and myself FIVE acres of land on the farm. We got to pick where each of ours would be, just as long as it wasn't in the middle of the farm or anything.
So, I picked my spot and my sister's land is right beside of mine. I am standing in our driveway and facing her land. On her land sits this glorious beauty. Hmmm...I don't think beauty is the correct name--maybe BEAST!
My daddy seriously tried to move this lug, but it won't budge, or so he says. We have threatened to string lights on it at Christmas every year, but have failed in doing so over and over again! This year, by cracky, it's gonna the the highlight of the farm! Matt Roloff ain't got JACK on us let me tell ya!
Next is an old barn that's also on my sister's property. We played in this barn a little bit as kids. There is a bigger barn on the other side of the road where we really spent a lot of our time, but this one's on it's last leg. Before it is taken down, I'm getting some of the wood. Big Daddy says he's going to make me a really big farm table from the wood, and I'm seriously drooling already just thinking about it.
I've also thought that maybe I could just use some of the planks and nail them to the wall and have me an old timey kitchen when we build. Do you think that's a crazy idea? I think it'd be really cool.

Above you'll see my baby tree. My daddy dug up two different trees at two different times and tried to plant me a good tree in my front yard. Both attempts failed as those trees decided they were pretty ticked off about being relocated, so they just bit the dust. Lo and behold, some of the seeds or something set and have taken root. Maybe in 30 years, it's gonna be a grand beauty, ya think?
My brother in law built this Hillbilly Fire Pit in our backyard. We love taking chairs and sitting out by the fire on Friday nights. There ain't nothing like a good steaming hot cup of coffee to combine with laughter and stories around the fire! Call us redneck, but we are HOOKED!

Here's our little wood pile too. Can you hear that? It's the cries of all that wood, beggin us to be lit, so they can hear our stories and offer warmth soon!

Just thought I'd let you see two views from my back STEPS. Notice, I didn't say porch. I'm hoping Big Daddy will feel sorry for me and do something about my "back porchless" situation!

Finally, I'll end with the best thing I've created lately. Make you a cup of coffee using Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer. Then add real Cool Whip from a container out of your freezer to the top. If you've ever wondered if Heaven has a taste, I found it!

Please say a prayer for our family today! Daddy and my sister, Doodah, are taking mammaw to her wound care doctor today at 2:30 to check on her bedsore's status. It's really grossly nasty, but the sore is dramatically improving!
We're taking Lil R at 1:30 to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. His pediatrican referred him because she says his tonsils are kissing! I'm not sure if I want them to get them out since he's not even three yet, but it will help with ear infections and strep, both of which he's had in the last two weeks.

Enjoy your day today!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To the Doctor We Will GO!

Well, I took Lil R today back for his "after strep" check-up. His strep's gone, but now he has an ear infection! Even though he was on an antibiotic! So we have switched his antibiotic and maybe this one will clear up his right ear.
Anyway--we do have a LOT to be thankful for! I'm already thankful for the five pounds I'm fixing to put on over the next few days! WOOHOO!
Enjoy your day today!
I'm hosting the whole crowd here tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Serene Sunday Morning

I wish this was the view from my back porch, but since I don't have a screened in back porch, and almost all of the leaves have turned that dead ugly brown color, I can still dream, right?!
I do love me a good chilly Sunday morning here at The Doublewide! There's nothing like getting up, getting the coffee going, and getting ready to go worship.

Big Daddy and Lil R aren't going to church today because of Lil R's Strep! They'll have fun here I'm sure!
Enjoy the beauty that God has given you today. Whether it be outside, in church, or in the eyes of the ones you love the most--it's His way of lovin' on you today!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Enough whining already--things that make me happy!

I have noticed that I've been whining and complaining a LOT lately so enough of that!
In honor of it being Friday, I thought I'd do a post of things that make me HAPPY! Of course there are so many things that do make me happy, but I am gonna just list a few today.
My Mammaw Frances gave me this yellow Pyrex bowl. It has become one of my treasures as I have taken up the art of baking Sourdough bread! You breaka my Pyrex, I breaka you face! haha
I love my new CTE shirt! It has made me happy today just to be able to wear something NEW for a change! HAHA!
This is my scrapbooking corner in my classroom. It's nowhere near what I would like for it to be, but I am in the process of actually having the time to do something with it!

My friend Jan put this beautiful basket on the pew that I always sit on at church this past Sunday. With it was a sweet card offering encouragement to keep on keepin' on! I just love great friends and I brought this to school so I can see it everyday!
This is my jewelry and polymer clay "center" in my classroom. I can spend hours here and not even realize it! This truly makes me happy!
Seeing great students work on a Friday morning also makes me smile! Notice my new tablecloths? Oohhh--they're so purdy!

And making faces with some of my silly students at school always makes me smile!

And finally---I think he's gonna take after his MAMA!

Enjoy your day today! The sun's out in the piedmont of North Carolina today!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still Prayin'

Just wanted to take a quick minute and update everyone yet again.
Me and daddy took mammaw to the doctor yesterday to get her culture results. The doctor said her wound looks a "zillion times better" but her MRSA culture tested positive.
Ronnie took Lil R to the doctor today because he's been coughing and has actually coughed so hard he's thrown up. His strep culture test was positive too!
I can't be exposed to MRSA with him having strep, so my sweet sister is taking over my duties for the next few days with mammaw.
Mammaw has told us that she's ready to go home to heaven. Some days when I see her suffering, I think I'm ready for her to go too. It will be so nice when God gives her memory back to her and she's healthy. When her legs will allow her to run all over heaven and she'll know her family and her friends and her Lord.
Please continue to pray for my family. God isn't finished with mammaw yet. I called my sister today to tell her about Lil R's strep test, and asked her when were things going to get better? Her reply was that this is all a test. I hope God takes his red pen and passes us with flying colors, because his grace and mercy right now are sufficient.
Thanks for your comments and prayers, especially YOU--Cat! You're an inspiration to me and I thank God that we're friends. You too are a blessing to me with your encouraging words and hugs. I love you girl!
Thanks Doodah for listening to me threaten the world with a Paxil prescription...hahah
Thanks Daddy for trying your best to be our family's rock.
Thanks Big R for taking care of me and my little man during all of this stress.
Thank you Lord for your blessings on me daily--for making me a mama, and for allowing me to feel love and joy when my little man comes running to hug me a zillion times a day.
Thank you Lord, most of all, for giving me and my family strength and wisdom and patience and for everyday that you keep mammaw here with us to bless us...
Have a great day y'all!
Tell those closest to you how much you love 'em.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Man alive! It's been a LONG time since I've posted a blog here! Things are wild here at The Doublewide.
Yesterday was Big Daddy's 35th birthday! My sweet little sister called me and told me that she'd sit with mammaw while we went out to eat. I tried to find a babysitter for Lil R, but wasn't able to. After calling Big Daddy to tell him that we'd be going out to eat for his birthday, and that I was working on getting a babysitter, his reply shocked me. He said, "I want just the three of us to go out to eat--there's nobody I'd rather spend it with that you and Lil R." I almost cried because it was too sweet.
With all the stress that I've been under lately, he almost caused me to lose it---for real. I'm so thankful that God gave me a sweetheart like Big Daddy. He might not be someone who'll get up and do things without having a little prodding, but he's got the biggest heart! At the end of the day, I think that's what does to me anyway.
This afternoon Lil R was on my lap at the computer. He likes for me to go to YouTube and play the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boo video and he also love to hear The Chordettes sing "Lollipop." Today, he kept wanting to watch a bunch of other videos for kids and I finally had to tell him that I needed to go to Mammaw's and check on her. He stuck his cute little finger up in the air, and said, "No you don't mama--no you don't". I feel guilty for having to leave the house every hour or so to check on her, but she needs me too. Her bed sore is AWFUL! I won't gross you out, but if you're bored, google bed sore photographs--hers is probably Stage 3--maybe even Stage 4, and the packing and bandaging needs changing twice daily. I'm the only one in my family with a stomach of steel, so I don't mind. Bless her heart, she says she doesn't feel it, but when I see it, I'm like, HOW CAN YOU NOT?!
Anyway--I'm taking her back to the wound specialist this coming Wednesday. Please pray for healing and rest.
Have a great rest of the weekend. If it's not TOO muddy from all the rain we've had lately, I'm hoping to take some pictures outside while the leaves are still somewhat colorful.
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How YOU durin?

Just to give you all a quick update....
A week ago today, I went to mammaw's house, across the road from The Doublewide, to take her medicines and supper to her. I do this every night and sit and visit awhile so that Big R can give Lil R a bath.
As I went inside, all of the lights were out and the TV was not on. This is very unusual for 8:00 PM at mammaw's.
When I turned on the lights, I saw her....laid out in the floor with her favorite blanket covering her and her walker underneath her legs....
After calling my daddy and 911, we followed the ambulance to the hospital with my sister and her husband.
After many hours of tests, waiting, and x-rays, we were told that her hip was broken.
Two days later, the doctors said that it wasn't broken after all, but that she had severe arthritis in her right hip, and had a bad bedsore. (This was caused by her sitting in her chair all of the time).
She was released from the hospital Friday afternoon and came to The Doublewide to get the ROYAL TREATMENT!
She's anxious to go back home and "get out of our way".
I have missed 2.5 days of work, lost many hours of sleep, and have spent lots of time talking to my family and to my Lord. But, I have gained more than I have lost. Spending time with her, talking to her, watching her face light up when Lil R runs to love on her, laughing at old memories, and enjoying many many trips back in time, God has truly blessed me this past week in more ways that I could ever convey.
She's going back to her house today and I'm truly going to miss her being right here with me.
Please, when you talk to Jesus today, say a prayer for my sweet, precious Mammaw Frances who means the world to me and the rest of my family.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Imma Pee on the Pottie

Oh WOW! Here we go.

I am making my REAL first attempt this afternoon at trying to pottie train Lil R. He has his Spiderman jockies on and is ready to go! Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? Maybe he'll surprise me and do wonderfully, and then again, maybe not.
He is going to be THREE in Feb. and all of his friends at daycare have moved up to the "Big Kid" Class, since they've been trained already. He's the oldest in his class and I'm feelin' the pressure. There are many people that will just say,'s not a big deal, let it happen, blah blah blah, but they're not the ones shelling out $14.00 for a box of Wal-Mart brand diapers. It's TIME and I feel like he's ready.

I just had to run in here and let you all know how the conversation went as I was putting his jockies on him.
Me: Yay! You're such a big boy now with your jockies on!
Him: Yes mama.
Me: Remember to tell mama or Big Daddy when you need to pee or stinky so we can go sit on the pottie, ok?
Him: Mama...Imma pee in my shirt.
Me: You don't have on a shirt right now, do you?
Him: Ok...den...Imma pee in my belly button!

HAHAHAHAH! Where DOES he get his sense of humor, hmmm?
I just love being a mama! There's NOTHING better!
Enjoy your day today!
Pee, stinky, and ALL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it Friday yet??!!

Oooooh! I can barely stand it! This coming Friday me, my mama, and my sister are taking a mother/daughter day and going to a HUGE favorite October activity of mine!
Near Charlotte, as you ride down Highway 49, you'll come upon the Cabarrus County Arena. After you find your parking spot, you'll enter into one of the best craft shows in the south---seriously!
It's called "Christmas in the South" and it's AEWSOME! Check it out here: .
Call in sick to work, drop off your children at daycare, pick up your mama and little sister, go find a big ole buffett for breakfast/pile it in...(remember you're going to need lots of energy to do lots of walking), then go enjoy your day!
And...those are my plans--Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!
Enjoy your day today!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whew...I thought it was gone

I messed up with my bloggin' last night and thought I lost that LONG blog that I sat and typed. Thank GOD I logged in tonight and there it was as a I just posted that one and here goes on today's blog..Man I'm GOOD!

School went well today. Big R hooked up my TV/VCR/DVD stuff that hasn't worked all year. My students enjoyed a boring video about nutrients today. It goes along with what we're doing, but it was corny. We laughed a lot!

This afternoon was PUMPKIN PATCH time with our church.
Lil R spent the day with his nanny because she's off work on Wednesdays every now and then. He didn't get his nap out today and he was grouchy during the time at the little farm, but we enjoyed it a lot!

Here are some pictures!

Me, Lil R, and Big Daddy

He was saying, "Hmmmmm....Let's see...."

Is this precious or what?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


First of all, let me begin by saying that out of 16 or so items that I listed on Ebay last week, only ONE sold--and it went for a whopping $2.99 and I'm STILL waiting on my dern money from the winner....hahahah....ain't that the way it goes...

Speaking of how things go....

Our air conditioner decided to lay down and die here at the doublewide last week. It took us until today to get it replaced.
You ready? Got a good cup of coffee or something? Sitting down? Comfy? Here goes....

Friday night...
Man #1 comes over: Charges us $89.95 to tell us that the "accumulator" was bad and he's gonna call us back on Monday with the price to replace it.

(I fuss at Big R for randomly picking someone out of the yellow pages to call. Being as how this company was like 3 counties southeast of us, we paid a LOT of money for him to tell us something.

Saturday late afternoon
Man #2 comes over. He was supposed to have been at the house around 1:30 but there was a motorcycle wreck in his front yard (for real) and it delayed him a few hours.

I've known this man pretty much all of my life. He takes a few looks at it and tells us the whole unit is kaput. Says he'll call Monday with a price.
Sunday--it's just hot in the doublewide today---relying on God's mercy/grace/pity/sense of humor to get us through to sundown. Temperature reached eighty one degrees inside! WHEW! As Big R says, "That's hard on a fat man!" Anyway...back to the story..

Monday during school....
Cell phone rings; Big R says Man #2 quoted $4500.00 for a 3.5 ton unit.
After fainting, I told Big R we'd talk about it when I got home and not to "order" anything.
Took 46 Tums/Rolaids/Tbsp. of Pepto Bismol.

Monday after school, during tutoring....

I talked to another heating and air man (Man #3). Seems he can get a 4 ton unit for $2490.00 (Labor/Taxes included).
I immediately asked Man #3 when he could make it to my doublewide....

9:00 AM
Big R called my cell phone to report that Man #3 and a helper are diligently working to install new unit.
12:00 PM
Snuck away from job to bring Man #3 a check.

Tuesday afternoon....

Came home to a house that was 72 degrees.


Have you any idea how thankful I am for air conditioning? Even though I joke about being an "old soul" and how I could have made it during the pioneer days, I have been harshly smacked with the reality of, "Girl....ain't no way Big Mama's doing without her air"

Enjoy today--no matter what the temperature is!

PS...We're going to The Pumpkin Patch tomorrow

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ebay Stuff

So I have decided to take the time to list some items on Ebay again....!!!
I used to do this all the time and then when Lil R entered our home and our hearts, I found that my time with him was more important than sitting on a computer listing junk that I no longer want to have collecting dust here at The Doublewide.
Now, whether that item was in a closet, in the floor, or on a shelf is not important. Just that I have always thought, "I can't throw this thing away! Somebody might NEED it!" And thus the journey begins....from a closet to a shelf to a bag to a shelf to a pile in the floor to the bed in the guest room to ebay to someone's happy home...
Last year, about this time, the Vera Bradley Company decided to come and do an outlet sale in Charlotte. We heard about all of the items that were drastically reduced and we headed up and went to literally fight the crowds for Vera merchandise. By fight, I mean seriously fight. My mama almost had her glasses knocked off her face while wrestling for a black microfiber baby bag, with an included little diaper changing pad! Looking back on that, I can laugh now because for real (?) we were fighting (well almost) over a dadgum diaper bag?!! But at the time, my neck and throat turned red, my eyes started bulging, and the temperature of the outer top section of my ear elevated to a buh-gillion degrees. I was ready to whoop somebody for smacking at my mama over a diaper bag. I can see it now..."Teacher jailed due to fighting over a bag in Charlotte" as a headline in our local paper.
Ah.....sweet memories!!!
Hmmm...where was I?
Oh...I know! EBAY TIME!
So I still had some items left over and I have them listed!

Check it out here:*shoneybun/?_trksid=p3911.c0.m198

Tomorrow is an Optional Teacher's Workday, so guess who's gonna be sleepin' in at The Doublewide?
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A small tribute to a great cousin....

Here I am again....posting way late!

Does anyone read my posts? If so, create yourself a google blog account so that you can add coments to my posts! Sometimes I feel like I'm blogging to the wind...ya know? a LOT has been going on.

I lost my precious sixteen year old cousin Travis to an awful automobile accident on September 26th. He was a great kid who loved life and enjoyed making others around him laugh. I had the priviledge of teaching him when he was in the seventh grade, and I was honored to play the piano during his funeral.

When things like this happen, it makes you realize just how short life is and how we should live our lives serving God and one another.

Travis, you'll really be missed by many. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to truly just LIVE. You inspired a lot of kids and adults and the world will never be the same without you. Until we meet again.... rest in peace and I'll see you...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where ya been??

Ok....So I haven't been here and posted for awhile.
Life, school, home, etc. has taken ahold of my computer life and won't give it back!
I am really having such a wonderful school year. I knew this change would be the right move. God has proven Himself over and over again to me that, yet again, He know's what He's doing!
I am so thankful that I am in the "Life Skills" (you probably call it Home Economics) position.
This week my students have been sewing! I know what you're thinking..."Ain't no WAY I'd have 7th and 8th graders anywhere NEAR a sewing machine!" I almost thought the same thing and almost freaked out when the day came, but seriously it has been a BLAST!
I have laughed so many times this week at my big middle school boys, football players mind you, who have really enjoyed sewing. I am still amazed at how much kids enouy doing something "hands-on" during the day instead of note-taking, and listening to lectures.
Here's what the back of my classroom looked like 2 days ago...
And here's a picture of what it looks like now.....
And here's how I feel right now.....
But...when these babies take their pillows home tomorrow, and they can show their handiwork to their parents and be proud of it, it will all be worthwhile...
Have a great day!