Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ebay Stuff

So I have decided to take the time to list some items on Ebay again....!!!
I used to do this all the time and then when Lil R entered our home and our hearts, I found that my time with him was more important than sitting on a computer listing junk that I no longer want to have collecting dust here at The Doublewide.
Now, whether that item was in a closet, in the floor, or on a shelf is not important. Just that I have always thought, "I can't throw this thing away! Somebody might NEED it!" And thus the journey begins....from a closet to a shelf to a bag to a shelf to a pile in the floor to the bed in the guest room to ebay to someone's happy home...
Last year, about this time, the Vera Bradley Company decided to come and do an outlet sale in Charlotte. We heard about all of the items that were drastically reduced and we headed up and went to literally fight the crowds for Vera merchandise. By fight, I mean seriously fight. My mama almost had her glasses knocked off her face while wrestling for a black microfiber baby bag, with an included little diaper changing pad! Looking back on that, I can laugh now because for real (?) we were fighting (well almost) over a dadgum diaper bag?!! But at the time, my neck and throat turned red, my eyes started bulging, and the temperature of the outer top section of my ear elevated to a buh-gillion degrees. I was ready to whoop somebody for smacking at my mama over a diaper bag. I can see it now..."Teacher jailed due to fighting over a bag in Charlotte" as a headline in our local paper.
Ah.....sweet memories!!!
Hmmm...where was I?
Oh...I know! EBAY TIME!
So I still had some items left over and I have them listed!

Check it out here:*shoneybun/?_trksid=p3911.c0.m198

Tomorrow is an Optional Teacher's Workday, so guess who's gonna be sleepin' in at The Doublewide?
Have a great Thursday!

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