Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden 2009

Hey Y'all! I made spaghetti for supper for the whole crowd last night. While we all stepped outside for a little bit, my daddy made the announcement that we were planting our garden today! Here are some pictures of all of us this afternoon. Enjoy!
Big Daddy, me and Robbie planting beans.

Guess who loves to pee on a tree!

Robbie and Papa planting beans

There's nothing like riding on the tractor with your grandpaw.
Trust me....I KNOW!

Is this precious or what?!

Fixin the tractor, or at least he thought.
Absolutely one of my favorites.

Another bean planting shot.

Ouch---I hate briars!
My daddy---doing what he loves best!

If this doesn't make you smile, your smiler's needin' fixin!

Have a great one---be blessed!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Woohoo Weekend!

Hey y'all!
Are y'all as glad that the weekend's here as I am?!!
Robbie spent the night with his nanny last night. Me and Big Daddy went to eat supper with my best friend and her husband. We went to a place in Gastonia called Shogun. It's a Japanese, sit down while they cook and do a show, restaurant. It was absolutely wonderful! They also have a buy one/get one 1/2 off coupon on their website, so if you're from around here, go print it out and go eat there soon! I just love it!
Me and Big Daddy got up this morning and hit the yard sales. I spent around $40.00 and got some MAJOR treasures and fun things. I also enjoy talking to the different people while we're out. We also found an old "junk store" that I never knew existed. I bought another piece of pink milk glass for $3.00.
I'll take pics and show you what all I bought today! I enjoy showing off my bargains--for real!
Ok--it's time for my nap. The house is quiet, and I'm sleepy!
Have a great afternoon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updates and Funnies

Ok...so we haven't heard ANYTHING about the adoption possibility. So we're assuming it's a No-Go. This is ok with us. We've been down this road so many times before, but every time it still hurts---just a little less each time. God's grace is sufficient and we're just fine with His plan. I was kindof getting scared of the $1100.00 per month daycare bill actually! haha

Also....I am very mad that Kristin went home last night on The Biggest Loser! She was doing wonderfully and Helen should have hit the road--she's skinny enough already!
Anyway....here are some funnies that have happened this week:
#1. Lil R pooped his pants at daycare yesterday and told his teacher that No it didn't stink--it smelled just like chicken!
#2. Lil R called his teacher a "Cute Little Hottie" today. That would be his daddy's fault! He's been teaching him to call me a "hottie" every now and then. Today when we came home and I told Big Daddy what went down at school today, he cracked up.
#3. Carowinds has launched their Season's Pass commercial. You can purchase yours for $74.99 right now. As the commercial aired for the billionth time last night, Big Daddy says, "Dang....seventy-four dollars for a season's pass?" I was like, "It's seventy-five. It's a penny away from seventy five. Why did you say seventy-four when it's closer to seventy five?" (It was the former math teacher in me talking) He looks at me and says, "Are you really trying to start a tiff over a dern penny?" We both cracked up again!
#4. Monday during my lunch, I came home and threw a quilt, two fitted sheets, a bathroom curtain, and a pillowcase in the washing machine. Later that night I cooked supper for the family. I was sitting outside watching Robbie play in the backyard and mama pulled up. As I was on the back steps during our conversation, she says to me, and I promise, she said this...
"Did you wash your quilts?" So...I said yes I did. Then...her next question...."Well...were they wet when you hung them out?" Hmmm.... I lie you not!
#5. When I used a Q-Tip to get "boogies" out of Robbie's nose last night, I told him that Shew-wee he had a big ugly boogie in there and I needed to get it out since he wouldn't be still. His answer...."Mama--it's not a boogie....dat's a snozberry!"

Ain't life just grand?
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catchin' Up!

First of all....

Ok....now that I've gotten that off my chest! I would offer to do another giveaway, but since I only got like 4 comments on the last one, and I haven't even mailed that package yet, I guess I'll pass.
Now on to the catchin' up part..
Since Big Daddy worked 26 hours straight last week, he had Thursday and Friday off. The temptation was just too strong for me to resist, so I took Friday off too! We ended up keeping Robbie out of daycare and had a great day.
We took a trip to Charlotte and met a man to buy some laminate flooring from. We ended up getting 1000 square feet of the stuff, plus the plastic cushioning to go under it and the corner round all for a really really great deal of $1150. We chose the Pecan which looks just like this:One of my daddy's lifelong friends will be ripping up the carpet here at The Doublewide and will be installing our floors soon. Me and Big Daddy think early summer is a great time to do it. I have seven weeks of school left. Can I get a PRAISE THE LORD?!
So after school's out, I'm gonna do a "Clean Sweep" here. Everything in every room is going outside to the back yard. It's gonna get cleaned, trashed, organized, or donated to The Goodwill. My mama is a horrible hoarder and I'm not too far behind her. So before it gets to where we have to make a path through here, and I'm not kiddin', we'll be doing some major cleaning. The great part about that is that I have seven weeks until it starts. I may try to do one room at a time between now and then so that everything will be easier to move out of here when the time comes.
Until then...we have a lot of laminate flooring materials piled in the "living room" waiting to make it's debut!
Have a great day!
PS There's a SPECIAL prayer request. I'm not going into a lot of details, but please please pray. Nobody's sick, so don't get worried. But there is another adoption possibilty right now. I don't know a lot of details except that this is the mom's 5th child. She is probably going to give it up for adoption. One lady that adopted one of the other children about 2 years ago told somebody that knows us. This person told the other lady that if the mother gave the baby up for adoption, she knew a family that would take the baby. The mother's labor is supposed to be induced THIS WEDNESDAY. I'm certainly not getting my hopes up. After going through 6 possibilities to finally get Robbie, we've just placed it in the Lord's hands. He knows what's best and if He chooses to make us parents to another adopted child, so be it. So please, just pray and I'll update you when I know something...or if I know something. Also, did you know that the Ladybug is the symbol for adoption? Now you do....So....PRAY!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Horrible Mama

Well y'all....it's official. I'm a horrible mama!
Easter was FIVE days ago and I've still not shown Lil R off in his Easter best.
So, here you go!
This was last years picture:

And this was taken this past Sunday!

I'm sure he'll kill me when he gets older for making him wear this sailor's suit, but his Mimi bought it for him at the beach last year and I couldn't resist. He is so adorable and you wouldn't believe all the compliments and cute looks he got Sunday while at church and at lunch.
Go ahead, tell me. I know....I'm a horrible mama for dressing him up like this right?
WRONG---I waited too long to have a child and this is probably going to be the last year he will let me put something cute as this on him!

On a different note...
We went to Chili's last night for Doodah's birthday. Big Daddy wasn't able to go out to eat with us because he was here:
But we had a great time and me finding that $25 gift card to Chili's made it taste all the more sweeter! Lil R had a nosebleed during supper. It just came on all of a sudden and it was the first one he's ever had. I hope I don't have anything to worry about?! For now, I'm chalking it up to his allergies. They're horrible! Please pray that that's all it was. You know how us "horrible" mamas can get!
Poor Big Daddy worked 25 hours straight yesterday and last night and this morning (haha!). He's home sleeping right now so I hope he gets his rest! He's gonna need it this afternoon because today is my long day. I teach piano lessons until 6:30, so hopefully he'll be ok with Lil R.
Ok y'all. I have a million things to get done, so I'll hush for now.
Have a great afternoon!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Doodah!

Hey Y'all!
I just wanted to take a quick minute and wish my little sister, Amanda a Happy 32nd Birthday today!
Oooh---I can't wait to go out to eat tonight and celebrate!
I love you Amanda and don't know what I'd do without you.
Happy Birthday Little Sissy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things that Make Me Laugh!

I have a few things online that totally crack me up. Sometimes they're emails, sometimes they're things that friends or students tell me to go look at online.
I am in a great mood this week!
Lil R's been wonderful and we had a great Easter break here at The Doublewide. His room is staying clean because I, Big Mama, made a rule that we don't go to bed until his room is clean. He's doing good helping me or Big Daddy pick everything up and put it back where it goes.
I've also been organzied at school this week. Got there Monday morning and did my lesson plans early before the students came. Everything's been smooth as butter. At times like this is when the devil creeps in and tells me to watch out--something bad is fixin' to happen.
I pray that he's wrong and that we'll have a great week.
So, in honor of my good cheer, enjoy a few laughs on me!
Oohhh...Before I post the videos, I have to make a couple of Blog Shout-Outs!
First of all, our choir at church had our Easter Cantata practice last Friday night. Our choir leader Bobby was joking around with me when I missed my "entrance" to the song. He was like, "Hmmm...Michelle...do I need to bring YOU in?!!" Then he kept giving me a hard time since I did study music, and minored in Music Education in college. Anyway---his next words were, "Do y'all read her BLOG?!" I was flattered, honored, and humbled to know that God can use big ole me to bless somebody every day.
1. BOBBY...here's your shout-out! Keep on serving the Lord through leading our choir at church. As Preacher Matt said Sunday, "Our church is blessed to be filled with such talent!"
Amen Preacher, Amen.
2. Imma shout out to my little sister, Amanda. AKA--DOODAH! Happy Early 32nd Birthday tomorrow! Are you really 32 already? It seems only yesterday that me and David were making you walk that flimsy plank up to the barn loft to test it for us. It seems only yesterday that I left for college and missed your high school years. It seems only yesterday that me and you were sitting in the floor at Mammaw and Pappaw's house getting our hair rolled up on brown paper bags for church on Sunday. Happy Birthday Doodah! I love you more and more and more each day as we grow older as "Partners in Crime" around this family!
3. Imma shout out to my cousin Kelly who reads this blog faithfully too! I love you cousin and I am so proud of the woman you've become! Let's go back in time together so I can babysit you, Jenny and Jeff one more time on East College Street. Let's go back and prank call people. Let's go back and hop in that old mini station wagon and run up to Jones Bros. and get us some cotton candy and candy apples from that little stand. I'm so glad we get to teach at the same school and I'm so glad you get to see me everyday!
Ok---now may the laughing fest begin!




Ok--I have to admit that I don't know how to post a video, so please just click on the links. I promise it's worth it.

Have a great day and be blessed!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Oh how He loves you and me!
Oh how He loves you and me!
He gave His life,
What more could He give?
Oh how He loves you!
Oh how He loves me!
Oh how He loves you and me!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Pappaw Fred

Hey Y'all!
As promised, here is my attempt at introducing you to one of the most important people placed in my life by God, my Pappaw Fred.
Let me give you a quick little bit of background information.
When my daddy was very young, like 5 or 6, he lost his only brother. Mike was on his bicycle delivering The Grit newspaper the day after Christmas. A drunk driver came up behind him and hit him. The impact threw Mike 150 feet and he later died in my mammaw's arms at the hospital. It changed my daddy, made him very withdrawn and quiet. My grandparents were devistated and I pray daily that I never have to know what that feels like to lose a son. A few years after his death, my grandparents tried to have another child but weren't able to. This left my daddy as an only child.
Fast forward a few years to where my daddy is 17 years old. He had to tell my grandparents that my mama was pregnant and that they were getting married. On July 3, 1971, I came into this world WIDE OPEN they said, and I haven't slowed down yet. My grandparents were at the beach and had to cut their vacation short to meet me!
I used to love hearing that story every year at my birthday as Pappaw would begin with...."Ten years ago today (or however many years it was), me and your mammaw were at the beach. We got a phone call that said you were born and we had to throw everything in the car and come home--just to get to see you!"
How I wish I could hear that story again, coming from Pappaw.
I was the first grandchild on both sides, as well as the first great grandchild on my mama's side too. I was really spoiled by most of the family, but my Pappaw Fred was my favorite.
My parents and I lived with mammaw and pappaw until I was a little over a year old. When I would cry during the night, before my mama or daddy could get out of the bed, they say Pappaw was the first in the bedroom many nights to get me. He would pick me up out of my crib and take me to either rock me awhile, or to get in his bed and I'd fall sound asleep on his chest.
As I got older, my parents didn't go to church much at all. My daddy had been "made" to go while growing up, (like most of us, right! =0)) and he also had a sunday school teacher make a few comments about premarital sex and how wrong it was, along with some mean looks at my mama and daddy, and that turned my daddy away.
We all need to be careful about how we say things. My parents knew that it was wrong but they got married and did the best they could. As an 18 year old father, with all of the pressures of being the provider, the LAST thing he needed on a Sunday morning was to get the "stink eye" from his Sunday school teacher during the entire lesson. My daddy still doesn't go to church regularly because of that one man. I pray that God will clamp my mouth shut before I say something stupid or judgemental that would turn someone away from worshipping Him by coming to church.
My parents did come to church if we were in a program or something--but not often. There were many times as a child that I would be singing or doing something at church and would search the congregation to find that my parents weren't there. As a child it was devistating! But, I always knew they loved me and there was NEVER any question about that. I just wish they would have come to support me and my brother and sister.
I also always knew that when I was doing something at church, at school, wherever---my Pappaw Fred would be there will a huge, proud smile.
When I was a teenager, my Pappaw went on a missions trip to Africa with some people at my church and a few other churches in our area. He bought a camcorder and video taped lots of the trip. We were amazed at how different things were in another country.
That camcorder became his sidekick. Anytime me, my brother, or my sister were in anything, he brought the camcorder and recorded it. Today I enjoy looking back at those tapes and hearing his commentaries.
We also used to sit around the house on a Sunday afternoon with his little tape player/recorder and sing and record it. I would play the piano and he'd sit right beside me and we'd sing together and make little cassette tapes of our singing. It was hilarious and I still listen to those tapes sometimes. You remember these things?

We had the best time with this! His was black, but you get the picture anyway.
So....we'll fast-forward a bit to my wedding.
There are so many stories I could tell you about me and Pappaw. But I'd probably either lose you or I'd get lost myself in the nostalgia.
When Big Daddy and I got married, it was the week before Christmas, 1994. After we left and went home to change clothes we headed out for our honeymoon. Before heading up Highway 27 to get to Interstate 40, we stopped at the church and helped everyone clean up. When we were all done, my Pappaw realized that we had left the Christmas tree plugged in at the church, so me and him headed back down there from the fellowship hall to unplug it. He made me go down the basement stairs to get to where they had ran the plug down some kind of vent, and unplug it. I was terrified. I don't know about you, but I am totally scared beyond belief to go into a church at night. I know it's God's House and all, but something about it freaks me out.
Anyway, after getting the tree unplugged, I came back up the stairs and we locked the door. The click of that lock must have made it final for him because he said, "Little Honeybun....umm....you're not my honeybun anymore." I said, "Pappaw--don't be crazy. I'm still your honeybun. Just because I'm married don't mean I ain't your honeybun anymore!" He said, "Yes it does Michelle, because now you are somebody else's honeybun." I hugged his neck and we both stood there and cried. I think that was his way of letting me go...of 'cutting the strings' so to speak.
I cried from Alexis Baptist Church to the other side of the Lincolnton Courthouse. I know he was happy for me, was proud of me, was tickled to death that I had found someone to love for the rest of my life, but it still made me sad for him. As a parent now, I see how hard that's gonna be on me when the day comes where Lil R leaves to start his own family....
A year and a half after our wedding we lost my precious Pappaw. He had a bubble in his carotid artery and had several strokes in Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte. They didn't test his blood with the blood thinner they used, and it turned his blood to jello. On May 14, 1996, my Pappaw was escorted into the sweet arms of Jesus by many angels. I was in the waiting room when he died but I went in and kissed him on the cheek and told him to help the Lord work on my mansion. I told him to please make sure that there was a grand piano in it somewhere and I promised him I'd play him a tune as soon as I could. We buried him on a Friday--May 17th and I played the piano at his funeral. I played "The Old Rugged Cross" and then went straight into "In the Sweet By and By". Those were two of his favorites and I hope I done him proud.
Just about a month before he died, on Easter weekend we had the following conversation:
ME: Pappaw...why don't you go with me to the sunrise service at my church.
**(I had moved churches because Community Baptist Church needed a piano player and I loved it there. Pappaw stayed at Alexis Baptist but was proud of me for using my talents and gifts to glorify God through music)
PAPPAW: Nope...I'm a goin' to my church.
ME: Awww...come on Pappaw. I could stop right by and pick you up. You can go to your church for regular services.
PAPPAW: Naw--you go on to your church.
ME: Pappaw---they'll only have a Hardee's biscuit after the sunrise service at your church. Our church has a full breakfast--grits, scrambled eggs, biscuits, country ham, bacon....you know you'd rather have that. Plus, we could go together and that would mean a lot to me.
PAPPAW: I guess I'll just go to my church. I've been going and I'm going to go tomorrow.
ME: Ok--but if you change your mind, let me know. I'll drop by and pick you up on my way in the morning.
PAPPAW: No--I'll see you after church.
So at the time to go to sunrise service, I drove on to my church. When I got home, mammaw called and said, "Your Pappaw was sitting on the porch waiting on you. Did you forget him?"
I was heart broken. I could just see him sitting there waiting on me. Did I miss something? I thought he told me to go on to my church--he DID tell me that!
At lunch he told me that he had waited on me but he figured he forgot to call me and tell me to come pick him up.
Every year since then, I still think of him early on Easter morning while I'm getting ready to go to our Sunrise Service. I think about how he was sitting on the porch looking for me and I never came by. Of course it wasn't my fault, but I still would give anything to have been able to spend Easter Morning with my Pappaw Fred.
Every year at Easter, I remember him and I smile...because he's spending Easter with Jesus. He's getting to look at the most beautiful sunrises everyday with Jesus.
Every year at Easter, I thank God that HE AROSE from death, hell and the grave, and I have the assurance that I'll see Jesus one day and be able to thank Him, face to face, for EVERYTHING He's done for me, and I'll get to kiss my Pappaw Fred on the cheek and spend forever with him too.
So when YOU get to heaven, listen for "In the Sweet By and By" coming somewhere from one of the mansions, being played on a grand piano. When you come in the house and you see me and Pappaw Fred there together on the piano bench, pull you up a chair and sing with us. We'd love it!

Happy Easter Y'all!
Be Blessed!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break ROCKS!

Hey Y'all!
I've been busy here at The Doublewide again!
We had to go to school Monday to make up the last of our snow days and boy was I ready to get out of there for a little bit!
Tuesday I did NOTHING except lay on the couch. I did do a little bit of laundry and cleaned the kitchen, but that was IT!
Yesterday was about the same except we did go and get our taxes done at 4:00 PM. We're not getting as much back this year as we did last year, but I'm not complaining! I think we're going to be redoing our floors. The carpet in the dining room, living room, and den has seen better days. I'm going to go to Sam's Club and get that slide and lock "fake" hardwood flooring. One of my daddy's lifelong friends will rip our carpet out and install it pretty cheap. I'm excited about it and I know it will make The Doublewide look so much better once it's done.
While I was at the tax lady's office, she told me that I really needed to sell something again! I always claimed a loss and that helped us get more back in taxes. I've been online looking at different companies and I think I've made my decision! The company is called "Just Jewelry" and they sell, well....jewelry. Here's the best part: Nothing in their catalog is over $32.00.
I love that and since I've not heard of the company before, I am seriously giving it a lot of thought!
Here's their prices:
ALL Necklaces - $20.00
ALL Earrings - $10.00
ALL Bracelets - $15.00
ALL Anklets - $12.00
ALL Keychains - $10.00
ALL Watches - $26.00
ALL Sterling Silver Rings $32.00
I have looked at a lot of companies today....I don't want to sell Mary Kay because EVERYBODY sells it. I don't want to sell Tupperware because you can go to Wal-Mart and get almost the same thing. I don't want to sell candles because I've been there and done that already---twice as a matter of fact. I don't want to sell Pampered Chef because those poor ladies carry in too much stuff and my shoulder arthritis from my PartyLite days would come back! I don't want to sell Creative Memories because everyone's going digital on their scrapbooking. I don't want to sell Premier Jewerly because we're burnt out with that and it's too expensive for costume jewelry, in my opinion.
See---told you I've been all over the internet! HAHA
SO...I am waiting on a call back from the company and we'll see where it goes!

Today, Big Daddy is off work--tomorrow too. He took my new minivan and had the mechanism that makes the driver's side electric door work, replaced. It was demon possessed I tell ya! That thing had a mind of it's own and only worked whenever it chose too. It's nice to have that fixed.
On his way home I asked him to stop by Dollar General and pick up some more clothesline rope and some clothespins. It's been about 2 years since I had my old clothesline and I wanted to hang our blankets and quilts out this morning. When he got home I helped him wrap it around the pine trees in the back yard and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy looking out the kitchen window seeing my quilt from mammaw out there blowing in the wind. I don't know if you're like me, but there ain't nothing like the smell of a clothesline dried quilt to wrap up in when you crawl in the bed or are lying around on the couch.
I also cleaned up Lil R's room today with Big Daddy's help. It was a monstrosity for sure! I can't wait until he gets home from daycare so he can dump everything out of the baskets and bins into the floor again! just kidding, but let's be real! **Please ignore that pile of clothes in the floor. I'm going to make him try these on in a few minutes before I donate them to Goodwill tomorrow!**

I also am waiting on mama to get here. Lil R's pet fish, HARVEY died sometime within the past few weeks. He was a beta and I can't remember the last time he was fed. Poor thing. Lil R hasn't noticed so she's on the way with a replacement so he won't find out.
That's all for today I guess.
I can't wait to post tomorrow about my Pappaw Fred. Easter always reminds me of him and makes me miss him--tomorrow I'll let you know why...
Have a great afternoon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What in the world am I doing?

Well...the little clock in the bottom right-hand corner of my computer screen says it's 12:37 AM. I have to be at school tomorrow to make up the last of our snow days before we can begin our Spring Break. I cannot tell you how many times my evil-twin self, Sylvia has tried to talk me into taking a sick day tomorrow. My cousin Kelly and I were talking before church this morning and she made me laugh, as usual. She's also a teacher where I teach, and in her reply to somebody asking if we were working tomorrow she said, "I'd lay out and be sick but I think everybody else has already beat me to a substitute!" I totally understand her and I guess we'll both tough it out tomorrow along with the other teachers' who didn't win the substitute for a day pass.
It's been over a week since I've written and I apologize. There's been quite a bit going on here at The Doublewide.
Lil R's allergies are driving all of us nuts, him included. Instead of buying Singulair ($50.00 for 30 pills and no generic), I bought Children's Claritin. It does the same thing and for $9.00, I'm all over that!
He was also crazy mean earlier this week. He's one of those kids where you can pop his bottom and it absolutely doesn't phase him. That's making me work a little harder, you know? So, in my "used to be an elementary teacher" mode, I created an "Ugly Corner". Everytime he yells NO at me when I tell or pleasantly ask him to do something, his cute little butt has to go to the Ugly Corner and sit until he's done throwing his fit. Me and Big Daddy talk to him about why he's in the Ugly Corner and tell him the right thing to do, but at our age it's hard.
Have I told you lately that I wish I could win a huge amount of money so that I could just stay home with him and not have to work??!! Oh well...back to life, back to reality! (sorry for my trip back to the 80s)
So Tuesday night, I cooked a HUGE supper for my family. Mama, Daddy, my little sister Doodah, and her husband Chad, and us three ate homemade fried chicken, green beans, corn on the cob, stewed taters, canned tomatoes, and biscuits. We were serenaded by Lil R's fits while he was in the Ugly Corner. He didn't want to sit at the table and eat with us and we were frustrated.
I had the program for our WMU meeting at church Wednesday night.
Thursday was Parent Conference Day at school. I had to work from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM. That was NOT FUN.
Friday was ok, but the kids were crazy because we had to make up a snow day. We were supposed to be enjoying our Spring Break...but...oh well.

Friday evening, Lil R went to spend the night with his PopPop and Mimi. Big Daddy and I hung out here at The Doublewide, watching everything we'd recorded on the DVR. Our plans were to get up and hit the yard sales Saturday morning. That didn't work---my lazy tail hung out in the bed and then I just did laundry and laid around the house all day.
Around 6:00 me and Big Daddy went to a Japanese restaurant in Lincolnton, spent $55 at The Dollar Tree (SAY WHAT?!) and then went to pick up Lil R.

They had gone to a car show at Lowe's Motor Speedway all day. His Mimi (Big Daddy's Step-mom) slathered him all up with Neutrogena Sunscreen and I was glad he didn't get blistered. They are so good with him and he loves spending time with them.
This morning when I got up, I took mammaw some breakfast and checked her out. She said someone kept calling her all night offering prayer for her hurting. She said they called every hour and told her what church they were from, but that she couldn't remember. I was like, "Really??". So I picked up her phone and checked the Caller ID. Nope---the last call came in at 8:30 last night when I called her. Wonder if she was dreaming that or what? Once again, Dimentia is A MONSTER---just so you know.
After getting her bandage changed, her feet washed, and a load of laundry started, I headed home to get ready for church.
Big Daddy and Lil R were in the shower. I got Lil R dressed and we headed off to church after getting ready myself. We were actually early. Drove by my little sister's house on the way to church and I miss her already. They left for the beach yesterday and I miss her when she's not here. She's my helper with Mammaw, so it's all on me this week.
After church, we noticed some red dots that were very fine and tiny on Lil R's cheeks and neck. Oh Lord---I remembered that Neutrogena's sunscreen hasn't been tried on Lil R. So...yepp...you guessed it. An allergic reaction. I have him Benadryll and he slept for 3 hours this afternoon. Then back to church and to Wal-Mart afterwards. I was out of hairspray and we needed some anti-itch ointment for Lil R. God forbid that a southern girl not have her hairspray!
I have been busy haven't I?
I plan on getting some much needed rest on Tuesday. Then Wednesday morning I'm off to the dentist at 8:00 to fix the crown that I "lost" then "found" again and now can't use--to the tune of about 600 bucks!
Ok--I think my fingers are nubs now and you've all probably fallen asleep.

Now--for some "secret" messages/shout-outs through my blog:
#1. Catherine---you and Jessi did AMAZINGLY FANTABULOUS on your song this morning. God used y'all to speak to the congregation! I'm so glad y'all sang that song too----After the week we've had with "The Ugly Corner" I was reminded that God gave Lil R to us because He knew we'd be great parents to an amazing miracle that needed to be loved! Thank you for letting Him use you.

#2. Amy---I haven't forgotten your package dahling! I am still gathering things for you. I'll mail it this week---sooner than later!

#3. Doodah--Have fun at the beach. I'm sure you have your laptop because you KNOW you can't stay away from my blog and Facebook that long! I love you!

Have a great week y'all!