Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break ROCKS!

Hey Y'all!
I've been busy here at The Doublewide again!
We had to go to school Monday to make up the last of our snow days and boy was I ready to get out of there for a little bit!
Tuesday I did NOTHING except lay on the couch. I did do a little bit of laundry and cleaned the kitchen, but that was IT!
Yesterday was about the same except we did go and get our taxes done at 4:00 PM. We're not getting as much back this year as we did last year, but I'm not complaining! I think we're going to be redoing our floors. The carpet in the dining room, living room, and den has seen better days. I'm going to go to Sam's Club and get that slide and lock "fake" hardwood flooring. One of my daddy's lifelong friends will rip our carpet out and install it pretty cheap. I'm excited about it and I know it will make The Doublewide look so much better once it's done.
While I was at the tax lady's office, she told me that I really needed to sell something again! I always claimed a loss and that helped us get more back in taxes. I've been online looking at different companies and I think I've made my decision! The company is called "Just Jewelry" and they sell, Here's the best part: Nothing in their catalog is over $32.00.
I love that and since I've not heard of the company before, I am seriously giving it a lot of thought!
Here's their prices:
ALL Necklaces - $20.00
ALL Earrings - $10.00
ALL Bracelets - $15.00
ALL Anklets - $12.00
ALL Keychains - $10.00
ALL Watches - $26.00
ALL Sterling Silver Rings $32.00
I have looked at a lot of companies today....I don't want to sell Mary Kay because EVERYBODY sells it. I don't want to sell Tupperware because you can go to Wal-Mart and get almost the same thing. I don't want to sell candles because I've been there and done that already---twice as a matter of fact. I don't want to sell Pampered Chef because those poor ladies carry in too much stuff and my shoulder arthritis from my PartyLite days would come back! I don't want to sell Creative Memories because everyone's going digital on their scrapbooking. I don't want to sell Premier Jewerly because we're burnt out with that and it's too expensive for costume jewelry, in my opinion.
See---told you I've been all over the internet! HAHA
SO...I am waiting on a call back from the company and we'll see where it goes!

Today, Big Daddy is off work--tomorrow too. He took my new minivan and had the mechanism that makes the driver's side electric door work, replaced. It was demon possessed I tell ya! That thing had a mind of it's own and only worked whenever it chose too. It's nice to have that fixed.
On his way home I asked him to stop by Dollar General and pick up some more clothesline rope and some clothespins. It's been about 2 years since I had my old clothesline and I wanted to hang our blankets and quilts out this morning. When he got home I helped him wrap it around the pine trees in the back yard and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy looking out the kitchen window seeing my quilt from mammaw out there blowing in the wind. I don't know if you're like me, but there ain't nothing like the smell of a clothesline dried quilt to wrap up in when you crawl in the bed or are lying around on the couch.
I also cleaned up Lil R's room today with Big Daddy's help. It was a monstrosity for sure! I can't wait until he gets home from daycare so he can dump everything out of the baskets and bins into the floor again! just kidding, but let's be real! **Please ignore that pile of clothes in the floor. I'm going to make him try these on in a few minutes before I donate them to Goodwill tomorrow!**

I also am waiting on mama to get here. Lil R's pet fish, HARVEY died sometime within the past few weeks. He was a beta and I can't remember the last time he was fed. Poor thing. Lil R hasn't noticed so she's on the way with a replacement so he won't find out.
That's all for today I guess.
I can't wait to post tomorrow about my Pappaw Fred. Easter always reminds me of him and makes me miss him--tomorrow I'll let you know why...
Have a great afternoon!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Yes Spring Break DOES rock!! I've been about the laziest human being on the planet this week and have loved every minute of it. Going back to work next Monday is going to be TOUGH!

Ginger said...

You are right! Spring Break rocks. We're having break this week too and I'm loving every minute of it...slept til after 9:00 this morning. Enjoy the rest of your break. Good luck with the floors. The jewelry business sounds like a winner!

Doodles said...

I have really missed reading your blog while I was on my bloggy break! You cracked me up with the "crown" story! Your little baby is so precious. Love the pics of him.

Amanda Beaty said...

Michelle Rocks more than Spring Break Rocks--just so you know

Michelle said...

Hey.... love the signature. How'd you do it?