Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updates and Funnies we haven't heard ANYTHING about the adoption possibility. So we're assuming it's a No-Go. This is ok with us. We've been down this road so many times before, but every time it still hurts---just a little less each time. God's grace is sufficient and we're just fine with His plan. I was kindof getting scared of the $1100.00 per month daycare bill actually! haha

Also....I am very mad that Kristin went home last night on The Biggest Loser! She was doing wonderfully and Helen should have hit the road--she's skinny enough already! are some funnies that have happened this week:
#1. Lil R pooped his pants at daycare yesterday and told his teacher that No it didn't stink--it smelled just like chicken!
#2. Lil R called his teacher a "Cute Little Hottie" today. That would be his daddy's fault! He's been teaching him to call me a "hottie" every now and then. Today when we came home and I told Big Daddy what went down at school today, he cracked up.
#3. Carowinds has launched their Season's Pass commercial. You can purchase yours for $74.99 right now. As the commercial aired for the billionth time last night, Big Daddy says, "Dang....seventy-four dollars for a season's pass?" I was like, "It's seventy-five. It's a penny away from seventy five. Why did you say seventy-four when it's closer to seventy five?" (It was the former math teacher in me talking) He looks at me and says, "Are you really trying to start a tiff over a dern penny?" We both cracked up again!
#4. Monday during my lunch, I came home and threw a quilt, two fitted sheets, a bathroom curtain, and a pillowcase in the washing machine. Later that night I cooked supper for the family. I was sitting outside watching Robbie play in the backyard and mama pulled up. As I was on the back steps during our conversation, she says to me, and I promise, she said this...
"Did you wash your quilts?" So...I said yes I did. Then...her next question...."Well...were they wet when you hung them out?" Hmmm.... I lie you not!
#5. When I used a Q-Tip to get "boogies" out of Robbie's nose last night, I told him that Shew-wee he had a big ugly boogie in there and I needed to get it out since he wouldn't be still. His answer...."Mama--it's not a boogie....dat's a snozberry!"

Ain't life just grand?
Have a wonderful day!


Ginger said...

O.k. the chicken comment made me lol! Hilarious!

Debra Sue said...

This is a comment left for you by me.

Amanda Beaty said...

Thanks for the laughs sista!!!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

too funny!!! I love your posts!! They are "real-life"...know what I mean? :o)


Amanda Beaty said...

OK, the You Are My Sunshine song is really creeping me out...listen to it...oooohhhhhhhhh... Love Ya Sissy!!