Monday, October 27, 2008

Imma Pee on the Pottie

Oh WOW! Here we go.

I am making my REAL first attempt this afternoon at trying to pottie train Lil R. He has his Spiderman jockies on and is ready to go! Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? Maybe he'll surprise me and do wonderfully, and then again, maybe not.
He is going to be THREE in Feb. and all of his friends at daycare have moved up to the "Big Kid" Class, since they've been trained already. He's the oldest in his class and I'm feelin' the pressure. There are many people that will just say,'s not a big deal, let it happen, blah blah blah, but they're not the ones shelling out $14.00 for a box of Wal-Mart brand diapers. It's TIME and I feel like he's ready.

I just had to run in here and let you all know how the conversation went as I was putting his jockies on him.
Me: Yay! You're such a big boy now with your jockies on!
Him: Yes mama.
Me: Remember to tell mama or Big Daddy when you need to pee or stinky so we can go sit on the pottie, ok?
Him: Mama...Imma pee in my shirt.
Me: You don't have on a shirt right now, do you?
Him: Ok...den...Imma pee in my belly button!

HAHAHAHAH! Where DOES he get his sense of humor, hmmm?
I just love being a mama! There's NOTHING better!
Enjoy your day today!
Pee, stinky, and ALL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it Friday yet??!!

Oooooh! I can barely stand it! This coming Friday me, my mama, and my sister are taking a mother/daughter day and going to a HUGE favorite October activity of mine!
Near Charlotte, as you ride down Highway 49, you'll come upon the Cabarrus County Arena. After you find your parking spot, you'll enter into one of the best craft shows in the south---seriously!
It's called "Christmas in the South" and it's AEWSOME! Check it out here: .
Call in sick to work, drop off your children at daycare, pick up your mama and little sister, go find a big ole buffett for breakfast/pile it in...(remember you're going to need lots of energy to do lots of walking), then go enjoy your day!
And...those are my plans--Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!
Enjoy your day today!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whew...I thought it was gone

I messed up with my bloggin' last night and thought I lost that LONG blog that I sat and typed. Thank GOD I logged in tonight and there it was as a I just posted that one and here goes on today's blog..Man I'm GOOD!

School went well today. Big R hooked up my TV/VCR/DVD stuff that hasn't worked all year. My students enjoyed a boring video about nutrients today. It goes along with what we're doing, but it was corny. We laughed a lot!

This afternoon was PUMPKIN PATCH time with our church.
Lil R spent the day with his nanny because she's off work on Wednesdays every now and then. He didn't get his nap out today and he was grouchy during the time at the little farm, but we enjoyed it a lot!

Here are some pictures!

Me, Lil R, and Big Daddy

He was saying, "Hmmmmm....Let's see...."

Is this precious or what?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


First of all, let me begin by saying that out of 16 or so items that I listed on Ebay last week, only ONE sold--and it went for a whopping $2.99 and I'm STILL waiting on my dern money from the winner....hahahah....ain't that the way it goes...

Speaking of how things go....

Our air conditioner decided to lay down and die here at the doublewide last week. It took us until today to get it replaced.
You ready? Got a good cup of coffee or something? Sitting down? Comfy? Here goes....

Friday night...
Man #1 comes over: Charges us $89.95 to tell us that the "accumulator" was bad and he's gonna call us back on Monday with the price to replace it.

(I fuss at Big R for randomly picking someone out of the yellow pages to call. Being as how this company was like 3 counties southeast of us, we paid a LOT of money for him to tell us something.

Saturday late afternoon
Man #2 comes over. He was supposed to have been at the house around 1:30 but there was a motorcycle wreck in his front yard (for real) and it delayed him a few hours.

I've known this man pretty much all of my life. He takes a few looks at it and tells us the whole unit is kaput. Says he'll call Monday with a price.
Sunday--it's just hot in the doublewide today---relying on God's mercy/grace/pity/sense of humor to get us through to sundown. Temperature reached eighty one degrees inside! WHEW! As Big R says, "That's hard on a fat man!" Anyway...back to the story..

Monday during school....
Cell phone rings; Big R says Man #2 quoted $4500.00 for a 3.5 ton unit.
After fainting, I told Big R we'd talk about it when I got home and not to "order" anything.
Took 46 Tums/Rolaids/Tbsp. of Pepto Bismol.

Monday after school, during tutoring....

I talked to another heating and air man (Man #3). Seems he can get a 4 ton unit for $2490.00 (Labor/Taxes included).
I immediately asked Man #3 when he could make it to my doublewide....

9:00 AM
Big R called my cell phone to report that Man #3 and a helper are diligently working to install new unit.
12:00 PM
Snuck away from job to bring Man #3 a check.

Tuesday afternoon....

Came home to a house that was 72 degrees.


Have you any idea how thankful I am for air conditioning? Even though I joke about being an "old soul" and how I could have made it during the pioneer days, I have been harshly smacked with the reality of, "Girl....ain't no way Big Mama's doing without her air"

Enjoy today--no matter what the temperature is!

PS...We're going to The Pumpkin Patch tomorrow

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ebay Stuff

So I have decided to take the time to list some items on Ebay again....!!!
I used to do this all the time and then when Lil R entered our home and our hearts, I found that my time with him was more important than sitting on a computer listing junk that I no longer want to have collecting dust here at The Doublewide.
Now, whether that item was in a closet, in the floor, or on a shelf is not important. Just that I have always thought, "I can't throw this thing away! Somebody might NEED it!" And thus the journey begins....from a closet to a shelf to a bag to a shelf to a pile in the floor to the bed in the guest room to ebay to someone's happy home...
Last year, about this time, the Vera Bradley Company decided to come and do an outlet sale in Charlotte. We heard about all of the items that were drastically reduced and we headed up and went to literally fight the crowds for Vera merchandise. By fight, I mean seriously fight. My mama almost had her glasses knocked off her face while wrestling for a black microfiber baby bag, with an included little diaper changing pad! Looking back on that, I can laugh now because for real (?) we were fighting (well almost) over a dadgum diaper bag?!! But at the time, my neck and throat turned red, my eyes started bulging, and the temperature of the outer top section of my ear elevated to a buh-gillion degrees. I was ready to whoop somebody for smacking at my mama over a diaper bag. I can see it now..."Teacher jailed due to fighting over a bag in Charlotte" as a headline in our local paper.
Ah.....sweet memories!!!
Hmmm...where was I?
Oh...I know! EBAY TIME!
So I still had some items left over and I have them listed!

Check it out here:*shoneybun/?_trksid=p3911.c0.m198

Tomorrow is an Optional Teacher's Workday, so guess who's gonna be sleepin' in at The Doublewide?
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A small tribute to a great cousin....

Here I am again....posting way late!

Does anyone read my posts? If so, create yourself a google blog account so that you can add coments to my posts! Sometimes I feel like I'm blogging to the wind...ya know? a LOT has been going on.

I lost my precious sixteen year old cousin Travis to an awful automobile accident on September 26th. He was a great kid who loved life and enjoyed making others around him laugh. I had the priviledge of teaching him when he was in the seventh grade, and I was honored to play the piano during his funeral.

When things like this happen, it makes you realize just how short life is and how we should live our lives serving God and one another.

Travis, you'll really be missed by many. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to truly just LIVE. You inspired a lot of kids and adults and the world will never be the same without you. Until we meet again.... rest in peace and I'll see you...