Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catchin' Up!

First of all....
THIS IS MY 100th POST! WHOOPEE! that I've gotten that off my chest! I would offer to do another giveaway, but since I only got like 4 comments on the last one, and I haven't even mailed that package yet, I guess I'll pass.
Now on to the catchin' up part..
Since Big Daddy worked 26 hours straight last week, he had Thursday and Friday off. The temptation was just too strong for me to resist, so I took Friday off too! We ended up keeping Robbie out of daycare and had a great day.
We took a trip to Charlotte and met a man to buy some laminate flooring from. We ended up getting 1000 square feet of the stuff, plus the plastic cushioning to go under it and the corner round all for a really really great deal of $1150. We chose the Pecan which looks just like this:One of my daddy's lifelong friends will be ripping up the carpet here at The Doublewide and will be installing our floors soon. Me and Big Daddy think early summer is a great time to do it. I have seven weeks of school left. Can I get a PRAISE THE LORD?!
So after school's out, I'm gonna do a "Clean Sweep" here. Everything in every room is going outside to the back yard. It's gonna get cleaned, trashed, organized, or donated to The Goodwill. My mama is a horrible hoarder and I'm not too far behind her. So before it gets to where we have to make a path through here, and I'm not kiddin', we'll be doing some major cleaning. The great part about that is that I have seven weeks until it starts. I may try to do one room at a time between now and then so that everything will be easier to move out of here when the time comes.
Until then...we have a lot of laminate flooring materials piled in the "living room" waiting to make it's debut!
Have a great day!
PS There's a SPECIAL prayer request. I'm not going into a lot of details, but please please pray. Nobody's sick, so don't get worried. But there is another adoption possibilty right now. I don't know a lot of details except that this is the mom's 5th child. She is probably going to give it up for adoption. One lady that adopted one of the other children about 2 years ago told somebody that knows us. This person told the other lady that if the mother gave the baby up for adoption, she knew a family that would take the baby. The mother's labor is supposed to be induced THIS WEDNESDAY. I'm certainly not getting my hopes up. After going through 6 possibilities to finally get Robbie, we've just placed it in the Lord's hands. He knows what's best and if He chooses to make us parents to another adopted child, so be it. So please, just pray and I'll update you when I know something...or if I know something. Also, did you know that the Ladybug is the symbol for adoption? Now you do....So....PRAY!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I love the flooring!! I know it will look so good once it is done!

Praying that God's Will be done in the adoption thing.



What's next said...

that is exciting - the wood floor and the poss. adoption... I will be praying for you and for the mom and God's will in this.
have a good week

Cat said...

Couple of things:

1) LOVE the flooring
2) LOVE the show Clean Sweep!!!
3) Hope you enjoyed your Friday off.
4) I'm lifting up prayers right now for you girlfriend.

Love you all.

Michelle said...

you know where my thoughts and prayers are right now........

Christy said...

I loooove your blog! I have started a new blog telling everyone about the blessings and goodness of God. Please take a look at it and make a comment about a blessing God has done for you. Thanks and GOD BLESS!
Please pass it on.