Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still Prayin'

Just wanted to take a quick minute and update everyone yet again.
Me and daddy took mammaw to the doctor yesterday to get her culture results. The doctor said her wound looks a "zillion times better" but her MRSA culture tested positive.
Ronnie took Lil R to the doctor today because he's been coughing and has actually coughed so hard he's thrown up. His strep culture test was positive too!
I can't be exposed to MRSA with him having strep, so my sweet sister is taking over my duties for the next few days with mammaw.
Mammaw has told us that she's ready to go home to heaven. Some days when I see her suffering, I think I'm ready for her to go too. It will be so nice when God gives her memory back to her and she's healthy. When her legs will allow her to run all over heaven and she'll know her family and her friends and her Lord.
Please continue to pray for my family. God isn't finished with mammaw yet. I called my sister today to tell her about Lil R's strep test, and asked her when were things going to get better? Her reply was that this is all a test. I hope God takes his red pen and passes us with flying colors, because his grace and mercy right now are sufficient.
Thanks for your comments and prayers, especially YOU--Cat! You're an inspiration to me and I thank God that we're friends. You too are a blessing to me with your encouraging words and hugs. I love you girl!
Thanks Doodah for listening to me threaten the world with a Paxil prescription...hahah
Thanks Daddy for trying your best to be our family's rock.
Thanks Big R for taking care of me and my little man during all of this stress.
Thank you Lord for your blessings on me daily--for making me a mama, and for allowing me to feel love and joy when my little man comes running to hug me a zillion times a day.
Thank you Lord, most of all, for giving me and my family strength and wisdom and patience and for everyday that you keep mammaw here with us to bless us...
Have a great day y'all!
Tell those closest to you how much you love 'em.

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Cat said...

I pray that God puts his hands on you to give you strength and courage..and you wake up with an awesome chocolate bar under your pillow! At least that would help ME get through the day! I love you!