Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How YOU durin?

Just to give you all a quick update....
A week ago today, I went to mammaw's house, across the road from The Doublewide, to take her medicines and supper to her. I do this every night and sit and visit awhile so that Big R can give Lil R a bath.
As I went inside, all of the lights were out and the TV was not on. This is very unusual for 8:00 PM at mammaw's.
When I turned on the lights, I saw her....laid out in the floor with her favorite blanket covering her and her walker underneath her legs....
After calling my daddy and 911, we followed the ambulance to the hospital with my sister and her husband.
After many hours of tests, waiting, and x-rays, we were told that her hip was broken.
Two days later, the doctors said that it wasn't broken after all, but that she had severe arthritis in her right hip, and had a bad bedsore. (This was caused by her sitting in her chair all of the time).
She was released from the hospital Friday afternoon and came to The Doublewide to get the ROYAL TREATMENT!
She's anxious to go back home and "get out of our way".
I have missed 2.5 days of work, lost many hours of sleep, and have spent lots of time talking to my family and to my Lord. But, I have gained more than I have lost. Spending time with her, talking to her, watching her face light up when Lil R runs to love on her, laughing at old memories, and enjoying many many trips back in time, God has truly blessed me this past week in more ways that I could ever convey.
She's going back to her house today and I'm truly going to miss her being right here with me.
Please, when you talk to Jesus today, say a prayer for my sweet, precious Mammaw Frances who means the world to me and the rest of my family.


Cat said...

I'll pray for you every night! You are a wonderful grand-daughter and are filling your crown in heaven with jewels! Love ya Queenie!


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Mawmaw is definitely in my prayers! So glad you found my blog! I'm going to catch up on yours tomorrow :) Can't wait to read about your little man! Funny thing, I grew up in the Queen City and moved here when I was 19! We switched towns. Haha!