Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now What?

So....I have a new dog and we have a brand new minivan. What more could a girl want/need??
I need to get these Christmas decorations DOWN but I can't just quite make myself do it.
The reason is when all this comes down and gets taken to mammaw's little building across the road, I'll catch that bug.
The painting, redecorating, rearrange the furniture ever get it this time of year? I surely do! My mama always told me that I have champagne tastes with a beer pocketbook and she's never been more right.
I'm ready to get my tax money back so we can tear out the living room and den's carpet and put fake hardwoods down. We also have a double-sided fireplace. That baby's outta here so that we can have one big great room instead of a living room and a den. But you know I'll have to be painting and everything else!
I want to redo our hall bathroom. Poor Lil R's gonna grow up using a bathroom with daisies and bumblebees. Of course, his room needs painting too! hahaha
Oh well---I am very happy with what God's given us this week.
Take care and enjoy your day!


Frivolous Whimsy said...

Just wanted to say hello.
Looking forward to reading more about you.
We have teaching in common!
Have a GREAT new Year,

Michelle said...

I love reading your posts! You sound just as country as cornbread as you did back at MHC!!!! I love it! It so makes me feel at home!!!

Cat said...

I ALWAYS get the redecorating bug this time of year. I already asked Josh if he could change our closet door to a pocket door so I could move the furniture to where I really want it. I got new bedding for Christmas so that helped some and I bought new art work for the den but I can't ever move the funiture where I want because of the fire place! I have the bug bad girl and Josh HATES it!

Rachel said...

Your writing cracks me up! We are always starting projects and then in the middle of the one we start another. Sigh.... someday all the things will get done around here. Congrats on your new van and dog!