Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

 Hey Ya'll!
I found this pattern on the internet. It was made to be a can cozy, but I extended the length and made a water bottle cover out of it. When I finished I added an old clip earring to the front of it! I LOVE it and I've gotten a lot of complements too! hee hee Go here to get the free pattern, if you like to crochet!  Here's the pictures:

I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday so far!  Things have been CRAZY since last Wednesday!
Me and Daddy took Mammaw to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon.  Her legs were starting to look pretty bad and I was scared they were going to become infected.  I cleaned them, put Neosporin on them, wrapped them in bandages, but couldn't seem to keep the sores and drainage under control.  While at the doctor, they did such a better job than I did and they were able to wrap them tightly in three layers after putting medicated salve on both legs.  On the way home, me and her and daddy were talking about my concern for her safety.  I talked her into coming home with me and staying for a "few days."  She's been with us at The Doublewide since Wednesday afternoon.  For the most part, things are fine.  Mammaw hasn't slept a full night yet.  She has been up and talking during her sleep.  I slept on the couch for the first three nights, but that wasn't very comfy....ya know?  Big Daddy suggested we get Robbie's old baby monitor and use it.  We now have the "speaker" part in our bedroom and are able to hear every move she makes during the night.  She did sleep all night last night, so we were happy about that!  Me and Big Daddy were about to collapse with fatigue, but since we were able to sleep all night last night too, we're gonna make it---I think!
Please say a prayer for all of us....for Mammaw to be comfortable while she's with us, for us to have the strength to keep her happy, rested, and comfortable, for God to heal her legs so that she can get back home--she really wants to be at "her" house.
Y'all have a great day today!
I sure am ready to see some of these soon ain't you?!


Cheryl said...

Been wondering if her legs were better. Make sure you use gloves when doing her dressings, you don't need to get an infection yourself.

Remember, you can't do this on your own all the time. Let some of the other family members help out so you can get some rest once in a while (been there myself).

Prayers coming your way!

Kara said...

Thanks for commenting and following my blog. I am just starting and it's encouraging to have someone besides my mom reading. :) Looking forward to getting to know your blog as well...Kara

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

You and Big Daddy are good people...good GOOD people!