Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey Y'all! I thought I would drop by and update everyone. I haven't been blogging much as we've had a lot going on lately. I promise I will get better at blogging...
Most of the snow is gone. There are still some light patches hanging around. My Pappaw always said when he saw snow lying around after most of it was gone, that it was waiting on more snow. I sure do hope so! I've heard they're calling for more snow this week, so we'll see. I could stand another few days in my pajamas with nothing to do but drink coffee, play with Robbie, and hang out in computer land! Days like that make me wish that I didn't HAVE to work, ya know?
Don't get me wrong, I love my job...I love teenagers....I just don't like the fact that I HAVE to do it. I would much rather do it because I LOVED it all of the time. I'd rather be millionaires just doing whatever it was we wanted to do because we had the money to do so!
My dream would be to do crafts in a craft room like this:
or like this:
or this:
and sell them all at craft fairs like this:
and this:
and this:
and all the while never gaining any weight, due to the fact that we'd be millionaires and we could pay for things such as that, by eating all of this we wanted while at the craft fairs:
and this:
and this:
and this:
and this:
Since we would officially be millionaires, we'd have to have us something to live in while doing all of these craft shows....I think ours would look a little something like this:
But, alas, life just ain't like that for most of us, is it?!
I crocheted a scarf for one of my friends during our snow-days last week. When I gave it to her, she wanted to know how much money she owed me. I told her, "Just whatever you want to pay me is fine. You really don't have to pay me anything, so...." The next day, she gave me $25.00! I tried to give some of it back to her, but she wouldn't let me. SO...(MAJOR confession time here)...I took some of it and bought lottery tickets for Power Ball and Mega Millions. Normally, I don't waste my money, as I know it's a sin to gamble. But the devil won on Thursday night and I wasted $15.00 of the $25.00 that she gave me. While I was waiting on the drawings, Fri. night and Sat. night, I fantasized in my head what I would do with the money if we really were to win it big!
Here's my "When I hit the lottery, I'm gonna ________, List"
*Pay off all of our debts
*Build a huge house, with an elevator, exactly how we want it.
*Buy a travel-trailer and go from one end of the country to the other looking at antique stores, junk stores, flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, etc. just to decorate and furnish the house.
*Give my 10% to the church, although I'm not sure that would be spiritually correct....
*Make sure my family is set for life, and that none of us ever has to "hit a lick at a snake" if we don't want to.
Anyway...the drawing came and went and none of my numbers matched anything to where I could get any money. It's ok...back to life as's ok to dream a little bit, know what? I'm happy with the life I have right now....just like it is!
Enjoy your day today and be blessed!


Cat said...

This has to be one of my favorite blogs...we ALL have a wish list incase we become rich!

Cheryl said...

You been to my house and sneaked in the motor home?

I hope one day my 5th wheel will grow up to be a dashing motor home! Or I'm the same as you, will win the lottery like the lucky man Sat night.

Trine said...

Keep dreaming Michelle, it really is good for the soul. Keep the positive attitude alive and you will see that your dreams can become a reality even without the millions. Love this post today.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

We got our first snow here last night. First since 1989!! I agree with you...I'd be VERY good at being wealthy.

I'm kind of sad, though, that our snow came on the weekend and we don't get a snow day off from school. Rats!