Monday, February 15, 2010

Well Here We Are!

Hey Y'all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I saw on a news article somewhere that this weekend 49 out of 50 states had snow somewhere!  That's hard to believe, right?  It snowed here again Friday.  This was the third time that we've had some snow.  Me and Big Daddy were talking on the way to church yesterday about it snowing 3 times already--I couldn't tell you when that has happened.  If we get One Good Snow, we're lucky!
Friday afternoon, around 5:00 PM it started.  After 30 minutes, I opened the back door and pointed the camera towards the field.  Here's how quick it started sticking:
and 30 minutes later....
And 30 minutes later yet...
Ain't it purdy?  I love being inside, watching it snow, and enjoying the relaxation that it all brings.
Yea right...who am I kidding?!
When it snows, Big Daddy has to work because he's one of those men who'll be in the big yellow dump truck spreading salt/sand mixtures.  I'm home with Robbie and keeping a four year old entertained all know...Seriously...there's only so much homemade playdough that I can stand.  Just jokin!  I really do love it!
Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I hope you had a chance to tell your sweetie how much you love them!  On the way to church, I grabbed the camera and snapped this picture of my Little Man!  He loved getting to stand in the snow in his Sunday clothes!  Hard to believe that he's gonna be FOUR tomorrow!  I can't stand it!
Anyway...just look how precious!  I could just gnaw those sweet little cheeks off!

Also, wanted to show you really quick what I made last week.  I love to free-hand stitch/embroider.  I wrote the word "L&heart&VE" on a piece of muslin and stitched it with black, purple, pink, and red.  Then I took crayons and outlined the stitches.  Stitched it onto the heart and made a quick little heart puff ornie out of it!  Too bad Valentine's Day is over, but I can use it next year too!
Here's how it turned out:
And I'll leave you with a view of my bottom left-desk drawer...Dern those cute little Girl Scouts!
Be blessed today!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Gosh...I can't believe the little man is FOUR! Looking forward to a birthday post!

Cheryl said...

Yup, we do love Big Daddy and his yellow truck!

Birthday Party ....
Happy Birthday Robbie !!!!

Ginger said...

Your little man is so cute!! Happy b-day. Hope your Valentine's Day was a good one. :)