Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Party Pictures

Thought I'd share some pictures of The Birthday Boy! We had supper at CiCi's Pizza, then headed to Chuck E. Cheese to play! Robbie's birthmother and half sister were also there. They come every year and we are thankful that God has placed them in our lives through adoption!
We had a good sized crowd and had a blast! 
Robbie and Pop Pop (Big Daddy's Daddy) opening a present from my parents. 

Let's just call it Plumber's Disease ok?  He was shaking his booty!

Robbie and his half sister, Mary, dancing!

My best friend's daughter, Ally with Robbie

Robbie on the virtual roller-coaster ride.

Robbie and Aunt Doodah playing a game

Shake it!

My Parents, Nana and Papa playing Skee-Ball with Robbie

Robbie, his half sister Mary, and his Birthmama, Deanna

Opening Cards

Cute Thang!

I think this is one of my favorites!

Uncle Puddin, Big Daddy, Mimi, and Robbie
Say a prayer for me today, PLEASE?!  I am working 1/2 day (leaving at 11:30)  and having to go get Mammaw ready for a dr. appt. at 3:30.  She has "weeping legs" and I think the right leg is we go again, right?!
Take care!


What's next said...

how sweet! sweet to include the birthmother in everything. how lucky he is to have wonderful parents and not have to wonder about the birthmom one day.
hope the legs are ok.

Cheryl said...

Pray Mammaw is going to be okay.

Sounds like the little fellow had a great Bday. Always love his smile!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Now that I've started my new job I'm having to do catchup with blog reading on the weekend. What a fabulous party. I'd say you had a really great turnout...and to include Robbie's birth mother and half sister. Wow. I know they really appreciate being able to take part. How did things go with Mammaw? You have the patience of a patience ran a little short this week.