Friday, September 3, 2010



Those were my thoughts this morning as I rolled over at 7:45!  If I was a millionaire, 7:45 would not have been a problem.  But,...alas....I am not a millionaire! 
Most of you know already that I am a Middle School Home Ec. teacher.  My first group of students enter my classroom at 8:10.  So...NOW you understand why I was in freak-out mode this morning.  I had to get myself AND Robbie ready, drop him off at daycare, and then make it here---did that ALL by 8:40.  Thank GOD for the teacher in the classroom next door.  She "had my back" and took my kids into her room and babysat them until I got here.
Me, Big Daddy and Robbie are headed to visit our good friends, Kay and Freddie this afternoon.  The suitcase is packed but we're waiting on one load of Big Daddy's overalls to dry.  Luckily, he's getting off work at 2:30 today instead of 3:30 so he'll be able to throw them in the dryer before I get home.
We are really looking forward to getting in some quality time with our friends and to getting a little Tennessee mountain air in my lungs!  We're also looking forward to our return to The Farmer's Daughter in Chuckey, TN.  Here is my plate from last time we were there:

I look forward to blogging with more pictures on Monday evening or Tuesday morning from our trip. They said the high for tomorrow is only supposed to be 79 degrees.  That just makes me smile thinking about it!
Before I hush, I found a new blog this morning!  Don't exactly remember how I ended up there, but she shows us how to make our toenails glitter!  If you know me, you know I love for my toenails to be snazzy since I am a pianist and can't have those lovely french-tipped fake nails. (Which I think are beautiful and would LOVE to be able to have--but I can't take the "clicking" noise they make when I play piano--kinda makes me gag--literally!)  Anyway...Check out Laura's post on GLITTER TOENAILS by clicking HERE!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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Melissa said...

I am so with you on the fake nails! I had some one time, and not only did they make the clicking sound, they affected my ability to play. I just couldn't seem to get all the right notes! Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!