Sunday, March 15, 2009


After using the pottie this morning I began my all too familiar trip outside with my colander. Have I told you how much I DESPISE doing this?
As I was on my way outside, I told Big Daddy that this was the LAST time I was going to go outside and strain my dookie. After a week of doing my business in a colander, I've about had enough!
Like every other time I've done this I had told myself that I was crazy. It's raining and there I stood in my pretty little (well---I SAY little, but a 3X ain't too little now is it?!) nightgown with ugly brown shoes on squirting water from a hosepipe into a colander full of dookie. I'm sure anyone riding down the road would declare my insanity!
So...anyway...I looked down and guess what??!!!
There it was! I was jumping up and down, singing The Doxology, and almost to the point of tears!
I ran back in, cleaned the crown, and now she's sitting in a disposable bowl on the counter with 1 part Clorox to 3 parts water.
I am so glad this whole ordeal is DONE!
My advice if you have crowns: When you pop one out, immediately put it into a ziploc bag and go visit your dentist! Don't put it back and try to do tricks to impress your lunch guests. Don't take a nap and then get up and eat cashews like a mad woman. Don't do anything but make a mad dash towards your dentist!
Enjoy your day today and celebrate with me!
Now--I wonder if we'll be singing "Crown Him With Many Crowns?" at church today?? tee hee hee


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

OH, you are so funny!! But thank God you have your crown back! Praise the Lord!!

LOL....Crown him with many crowns?!?!??! I'm laughing so hard here!!!


Cat said...

I'm still sad that you didn't make an announcement at church Sunday to let everyone know that you had found it! LOL