Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guess what I did?!

So this afternoon I was taking my nap with Lil R. I woke up hungry, as usual and remembered while me and Little Sister were out yesterday that I had purchased a bag of THESE at The Dollar Tree:

So...I hopped up out of the bed, without waking up Lil R and headed to the kitchen to get my treat! As soon as I started chewing, and remember I still wasn't "awake" yet, before I knew it, I had swallowed one of THESE:
Oh Lord Help ME! Do y'all have any idea how much a crown costs to replace? It actually came off yesterday afternoon while I was eating a caramel. I pulled a "funny" on Little Sister and her husband at lunch and popped it out right at the table making them crack up! I told them it was so "trailer park" for me to do that at the table but we were cracking up! My daddy would have thumped my head for sure on that one---even if I am 37 years old!
I wrapped it up in the little paper envelope that your forks come in, and Big Daddy put it in his shirt pocket while we ate.
On the way home I'm like, "Give me back my tooth!" So he did, and I popped it back in it's little space.
Now after lying down and eating my cashews, it's a goner.
I Googled "I swallowed my crown!" and the news is N-A-S-T-Y! Many people have done this exact thing--thank God! But I'm sure those people had enough couth not to pop it out at the table and amuse your lunch friends! But, I digress.
The solution that the websites suggests is twofold:
#1. Set up an appt at the dentist and get another one. $1000 ballpark cost
#2. "Strain" your do-do and then soak it in 1 part Clorox to 3 parts water for a couple of hours. Then take it to the dentist and they can sterilize it and put it back. $100 ballpark cost
So--is it worth $900 to sift through my dookie for a crown that's just been through my entire digestive tract? Is it worth that to carry my $1.50 colander and my $1.50 bamboo skewers into the bathroom at work everytime nature calls?
Oh Lord please help me! This is truly a first for me, but I think I ain't got $900.00 to play with right now! I'm using any extra money on jockies for Lil R because he can't seem to know when he's gonna do-do in his pants lately!!!
Now--as I leave y'all, here's a funny from today at church:
We actually took Lil R in jockies to church today. This was a first. I play the piano at our church and we were running a little late, so I had to get in the choir room to practice before church started. That left Big Daddy to take Lil R to the nursery and drop him off. He told the sweet ladies in there to sit Lil R on the pottie every 20 minutes or so. One of the ladies told Big Daddy after church was over, that when she sat Lil R on the pottie she had to help him point his "weedle" down so he wouldn't pee pee all over her. Well when he had finished peeing, he told her, "Lady--you can take your hand off of "that thang" if you want to!"
We have laughed ALL afternoon at him! Kids say the craziest things don't they?!
Have a great week this week!


Cat said...

Oh Lord, I'm killing myself laughing at both stories. Even though you told me about Robbie at church yesterday I'm still laughing. Have fun stifting through your business!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Ginger said...

I am "cracking" up! Haven't laughed this hard in a while! About a year ago or so I chipped a tooth and because it cost so much to get it fixed..I've put it off, but I'm not going to be able to put it off much longer...beginning to bother me now!

Going to the dentist these days cost a fortune..even with insurance! Best of luck to you! :)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, my goodness! I was laughing so hard and so loud hubby just came in here to see what I was laughing at...of course I had to read it to him and he too was laughing!!

That is just too funny!! All of it!! Bless your heart!!