Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's Get Caught UP!

Hey Y'all! I really hope you have had a wonderful weekend! They're much too fast around The Doublewide..seems like it was just Friday night a few hours ago, and now I'm finding myself right back at work!

There are so many posts I want to share with many I've been rolling around in my noggin' but today I want to show you Robbie's Adoption Day Celebration!
Robbie's first day with us was June 7, 2006. Our adoption was finally legal on May 10, 2007...yup...took almost a year--but we're so thankful!
So, this year, we began a tradition that we plan on celebrating every year on May 10th.
You see, we have been telling Robbie that he was adopted ever since I can remember...I never wanted him to NOT know...didn't want to deal with, "You lied to me" later in life, and since it's something we're not ashamed of, I figured it was best that he knows from the beginning.
We got up last Monday morning and sang Happy Adoption Day to you (in the tune of Happy Birthday). He was GRINNING from ear-to-ear. When I dropped him off at daycare, he told his teacher that it was his Adoption day and was so proud of it! I cried after I left there because he's so special to us and we're so thankful that God chose the BEST little boy in the world to give to us!
After picking him up that afternoon, we went home, got ready, and headed to Adventure Landing in Gastonia, NC. There we played putt-putt and while we were playing, it began to drizzle. We had to "S-K-I-P" several holes before it started raining really hard. We had the whole place to ourselves too. Played a few games inside, bought a "Build-A-Bear" thingy too.
After there, we went to Chic-FilA for supper so that Robbie could play in the little playplace thingy. While there, we saw a former student of mine. She couldn't believe how much he'd grown!
Here are some pictures from his special day!

OK...Hope you enjoyed it!  Come back tomorrow where we'll talk about something GOOD!


Cheryl said...

That is a special day and sounds like you really did it up!

Love his hair, makes him look older.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

It is so obvious how much you love this special bundle of joy God has given you! Robbie is truly blessed...and so are y'all!!


Linda said...

What a special day and I love how you celebrate this day and make it meaningful. God has blessed you with the beautiful child.

You won my Vintage Pearl Giveaway so please contact me ASAP so I can get you the information on your gift certificate. I emailed you but may have gone into your Spam!

Linda @ A La Carte

FREDDIE said...

robbie's spikey doo is cool!