Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 hr Vacation

Well.....Robbie and I made it to the beach Monday afternoon! We went to Holden Beach with my cousins and their kids. There were three mamas and five kids!
We had a safe trip down, amongst many stops to eat and pee-pee.
When we arrived around 2:00, we got all the kids in their swimwear and headed to the beach! Their place is about 2 miles from the big bridge, so we were there in no-time!
I slathered Robbie with sunscreen, but forgot all about myself! We had a BLAST and I got blistered!
After we came back, we noticed it was warm inside. Wouldn't you know, as our luck would have it, the A/C went out!
We ended up keeping the kids occupied until bedtime and had planned on toughing it out until morning. We couldn't bear it. It was 86 degrees inside with no breeze whatsoever. At 11:30, I finally couldn't take anymore so I got up, threw everything in the van, and headed home. We spent the night in a motel because I wasn't sure that I could make the long drive back home and headed home yesterday around 11:00 am.
Everyone was disappointed but we have promised each other that we'll go back as soon as possible!
Here's the whole two pictures I took of our trip! hee hee There you have it. Our 24 hr. vacation pictures! hee hee
Be blessed!


Garry / Cheryl said...

That was a bummer!! To bad you and Robbie could have not stayed another day. Love the pics.

Honk ....saw you glowing red driving thu Monroe ....hehehe

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hey! At least you got to see the ocean...not on our list this year...first time in years that we're not going!!! :o(

Hope your sunburn is not too bad....