Thursday, July 23, 2009

OH Lord, Help ME!

Hey Y'all!
Hope you're all having a wonderful end to your week!
I feel like I'm paying for my few days away from my normal life last week to the beach. First of all Robbie hasn't gone to bed before 12:30 ALL WEEK! He wakes up by 9:00 every morning too. I cannot function on 8 hours of sleep. I need more like 10--seriously!
Anyway--I did a jewelry party Tuesday night. It was FUN and we had a great time, but I didn't get home until 11:00 because we stayed and laughed and then I stopped by another girl's house to get her final orders from her jewelry party that I did for her before we went to the beach last week. I just knew Robbie and Big Daddy would be asleep, such luck. I think we were up until 2:30 that night.
The following day, I called mammaw when we got up just like I always do. My friend Julie who is her babysitter had Gastric Bypass surgery Wednesday so I knew Mammaw would be by herself. She didn't answer. I waited a few minutes in case she was in the bathroom or milling about the house and called again. Still no answer. So....I loaded Robbie in his carseat and drove across the road to check on her. She was fine, but her telephone was in about 3 different pieces. The battery pack was pulled out, the cover was gone, and the charging pad was unplugged and sitting on the table beside her chair. Instead of asking her what had happened, I tried to put the phone back together. I've done this many many times. This time the phone wouldn't work. I tried to find the "other" phone since it's a two-phone cordless thing where only one needs to be plugged into the jack. The other phone was GONE...nowhere to be found. I looked in the trash cans, in the bathroom, everywhere with no luck.
So I left there with that one little mangled phone and said a prayer for it.
When I called about an hour later to check on her, she didn't answer again. After our trip over there again, I decided that the phone I repaired probably just needed some time to charge.
It never did charge or work so after church on Wednesday night, we headed to Wal-Mart to get her more phones.
I don't understand why these phone companies can't just make a PLAIN cordless phone anymore. You been shopping for new phones lately? I'm amazed!
Now, most people can adjust and "get it" after they figure the phone out, but how do I teach my 82 year old Mammaw with dementia how to work a phone that doesn't have a dial on it and doesn't have a cord on it either? Hence, the post's title!!!
So tonight, after calling a bunch and driving over there a bunch, I went over and took my cell phone. We played "how to answer the new phone when it rings" over and over and over and over. I was like, "Ok Lord....Is this Your idea of a sick joke?" I just know God was chuckling at me! I called her home phone like 8 times while I was there and she would look at me and say, "How do I answer it?" over and over and over!!
So---then my girly-girl light bulb went off! I took the hot pink nail polish that I used for her pedicure on her birthday and painted the "phone" button and then put a big pink X on the off button. After that, we practiced and she "got it!!"
So yes, LORD HELP ME! I hope she continues to get the phone thing because if not, I may very well end up looking like one of these people really really soon:


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Bless your heart, girl!! NO rest for the weary, huh?!?!


Ginger said...

You crack me up! The pink nail polish is a great idea. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Take care and have a good day!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Just hit on some blog that has led me to several fellow Tarheel bloggers!

I'm in Jefferson, and my blogging partner is in Cary. We love finding others from NC!

Have bookmarked your blog for when I can spend some time here. Looks like a fun place :)