Sunday, July 12, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Wow! This weekend is gone already ain't it?!
I don't have that many more weekends left of my summer vacation, so we're doing all we can around The Doublewide to fill everyday with fun while trying to get things done too!
Yesterday Big Daddy and his daddy worked on getting Robbie's playset put up. It ran into finishing it this afternoon but Robbie loves it and I'm happy they felt the need to buy it!
Here's some before and after pictures: The view from my kitchen window. *Notice the sand pile my daddy brought for Robbie too in the left corner!*
Robbie was occupied in his little pool while Big Daddy and his daddy worked hard.
Finally, it was pretty much completed. The swings weren't hung yet, but that didn't stop Robbie from trying out the slide. I am laughing because Miss LulaBelle sure was making sure Robbie was ok. She thinks he's a pup of hers and she is the MAMA-Dog of this house!First time on his way up!
Going down!Robbie and his Pop-Pop. Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop for some outdoor fun now!
While I had another man here, I decided the two of them would haul my stand-up freezer outside so it could defrost. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time that was done and there was more ice blobs in there than anything!
My daddy showed up with more corn! I cut it off the cobs and here's the process:
First of all, you have to use your Southern Girl Charm and get somebody to shuck it for you. I hate doing it, and my daddy and my Big Daddy took care of that for me! They didn't see me sneak out the back door and snap this picture!
Then you wash it and get the silks off, as best you can, and then begin cutting it all off of the cobs.
And while you're working really hard, add a cute little dancing boy to the kitchen who seems to be a Pro at staying right underneath your feet the entire time!
When you get enough to fill up a quart bag, use something to scoop the corn into those freezer bags. Also, if you're lucky enough to have one of your mammaw's pyrex bowls from forever ago, use it! It'll make that corn all the more sweeter.
Then while you're just cutting and working away and your mama calls and offers to help, take her up on it! (Even if you caught her lovin' on your youngin' afterwards).
Then you sit back and thank God for providing you with a yummy treat for the winter.
I also sent squash, zuchinni and okra to the freezer yesterday! The gallon sized bags were too large for the amount that I would probably want to use later on, so I re-bagged it and ended up with 7 freezer quart bags of zuchinni! Here's how pretty it was before the cutting began:
Whew...I'm ready for my Girls Only trip to the beach at the end of this week. I'm headed to Wilmington with 4 other girls from my church. My little sister, Doodah is going too and I'm soo excited to get to spend some time with her. I may need to borrow one of my mammaw's pair of depends undergarments for the ride down there. We laugh so hard and I usually end up wetting my pants because of it--seriously!
Have a great week!
I'll be back tomorrow to post pictures of Robbie's "Ball Egg" plants and a post from mammaw's 82nd birthday party with the whole family! My brother graced us with his presence, and that really made mammaw's day! In case you've forgotten, we found a golf ball in the garden when we were planting so my daddy snuck down there later and planted some white squash where him and Robbie planted the golf ball. If anybody has any good recipes for this type of squash, please send them. Here's one picture just so you'll know what kind of squash I'm talking about:
Until then, Be Blessed!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, I just love your blog!! And all the events that take place at the double-wide!!

Thanks for sharing with all of us...and you have a great time in Wilmington!!


Amanda Beaty said...

Get the depends ready, I'm ready to go!!!

Ginger said...

I just love the view! Robbie lookes like he was having the time of his life. What a neat place set!

You have been working hard on corn..I know you are tired. You deserve some rest. Have a great trip to the beach!

Garry / Cheryl said...

This winter your fresh corn will be yummy! I love the new swing set, very nice.

Have a great time at the beach and be safe.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What a great playset....and what I wouldn't give for some of that corn!