Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Day Planned

Hey Y'all!
I hope your day is wonderful so far this morning!
We are sitting here making plans for today. I could NOT get Robbie to sleep last night. I swanee it was almost 1:00 AM before he finally went out. By then, I was WIDE awake and could not go to sleep myself. So, I came in here to the office and got on the internet. I think it was around 2:30 before I got to sleep---maybe 3:00!
And...to top it all off, when Big Daddy got up at 6:00, Robbie was awake too and had to potty. He was trying to chit chat. I told him, really clear..."It's too early for you to be up. You need to go back to sleep." Thank God he did go back to sleep and then slept until 10:00. Whew!
So, now we're making plans to go do something for the rest of the morning and afternoon. I think we're going to go to the library and let him pick out some books then maybe we'll go junkin' to our favorite thrift shops in town. You KNOW I can't make a post without a picture, so here's our little Stanley Public Library.

Also, I wanted to show you what I made yesterday. I was looking around the internet at some crochet stuff and I found where someone had taken rag strips and made bowls and rugs and things. I sat down with my big plastic crochet hook and a big ball of strips and made a bowl and a set of four coasters that fit perfectly in the bowl. It's not perfect by any means and I'm proud that I made it without a pattern! I hope you have a wonderful day today with whatever it is you choose to do!
Here's Robbie at the library earlier today! The last one CRACKS me up!


Garry / Cheryl said...

I could just squeeze him to death... so precious. His pics always puts a smile on my face!

CatRoberts said...

God love him! He is SO his momma! P.S. "woosh!" lol

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Great pics!! I do love that last one!! He is so cute!!