Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Night Before

Well....we had a great time going out to eat tonight for my early birthday!
We ended up going to Shogun's in Gastonia. It is the best and they know me there by name. Whenever Big Daddy and I have a "date night," we always seem to end up here! The food is outstanding and the people there are so sweet!
I had Hibachi Steak with mushrooms! I could plumb waller in that shrimp sauce too! Sooo divine!
While I was gone out with the girls, Big Daddy and Robbie went to see Big Daddy's mama! (Did I lose ya?) They took her to dinner and had a great time visiting with her. She sent me a birthday card with $50.00 inside!!! WOOHOO! I'm going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and get me one of those under the cabinet CD players for my kitchen. I'm so mad at my cable company as they took THE BLUEGRASS MUSIC CHANNEL off the air! Oohhh...I am really really mad! I used to love to crank it up on the TV while I was cleaning or crafting! My favorite was last summer. I had it wide-butt-open while I was canning 97 quarts of green beans! Anyway--Imma get my bluegrass back! If I have to burn my own CD's and use my birthday money to make it happen, I WILL!
Here's a few pictures from tonight! Enjoy!
Thanks girls! I had a fabulous time with y'all!
Can't wait until next month for Anna's birthday gathering!
Be Blessed!

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"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Michelle, I think it is so great to continue to celebrate birthdays with special friends!! I know y'all had a blast!!

It has been years since hubby and me ate at Shoguns...I totally forgot it was still around, but we always enjoyed it when we did go.

Happy Birthday!!!