Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What in the World is a Sea Penny?

I asked myself the same thing.
Oh how happy I am that here at The Doublewide, I have discovered just what a Sea Penny is!
Thanks to Julia Crossland for schoolin' me!
Hop on over to her blog by clicking HERE and check it out for yourself.

I have this printed out and have only made three pennies so far.  I'm going to be using the mint green, teal, pink, and white colors and can't wait to finish it!
They whip up so quickly!  This would also be a wonderful way to get rid of your yarn scraps.
Here's my progress...
Yea Yea....I know I have a LONG way to go!

This is my "work in progress" for today.  I have finished this square:

Except...I DO NOT like the last row.  It's a pink/light pink/hot pink yarn that changes colors ever so often.  It looks like I just whacked and pieced the yarn together.  Now that I see the picture, I am going to pull out the last row altogether.  Crazy thing?  The center heart was done with the exact same ball of yarn, but you so can't tell!  I think I'll do the last row over, using white cotton.
I'll be back tomorrow with the link to this pattern and the finished product!
Can you guess what I'm going to do with the square once it's to my liking?  Please comment below and guess!  Maybe I'll send you a ball of this funky yarn as a thank you for guessing!

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Charlotte said...

I'd never heard of 'sea penny' either! But I am going to visit the blog to find out what i have been missing. Love your square! Varigated colors can be tricky but work up beautiful.