Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

Hey Y'all!
I am so glad this week is almost over with!  It has been such a chore to drag my boo-tay out of the bed this week.  I know that getting to bed so late has been the reason.  Here it is at 1:00 AM, and I decided to write a blog.  See what I mean?
Last night it was 2:00 AM before I could get to sleep.  I am reading a good book--so good that I couldn't take my eyes away from it!
If you're looking for a great read, check out Alice Hoffman's BLACKBIRD HOUSE.
It's so strange, that you can't put it down--at least I think so anyway.

Now...I'd like you to say hello to my little friend....

One Sunday afternoon, we went to eat lunch after church with my sister and her husband.  After lunch, we decided we'd go to Big Lots.  They happened to have these recliners on sale for $199.99, and I instantly fell in love with this one!
I told Big Daddy that I REALLY REALLY needed this!  He has a HUGE recliner called The Cuddler.  Me and Robbie bought it for him on Father's Day two years ago.  It is so comfy, and last year when I had to have emergency gall bladder removal surgery, it really came in handy.   But's HIS chair and he deserves to relax in it after work.
One Friday night, we had a little choir rehearsal and party to prepare for our Christmas Cantata the following Sunday morning.  Every year, the choir takes up money and they give me (the piano player) and our choir director a gift card.  This year, I took my gift card, along with my profit rewards from selling Scentsy, and bought my recliner---immediately after the party!  hahahaha
I love it and have enjoyed plopping my big self in this chair and doing some crochet or spending time with my two boys.
Tonight Robbie is spending the night with his Pop Pop and MiMi.  They are going to take him to school in the morning, so my routine will be totally different tomorrow.
Enjoy your Thursday--however you spend it.

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SuppersYoungans&Thangs said...

Hey Michelle. Thanks for commenting over at Suppers, Youngans, & Thangs. Sounds like we have a lot in common. Your little guy is a cutie. Thanks for being follower #3. Yeah!!! You will be one of the first 3 to read the post I am gearing up to do on making black rasberry jelly. That is what I did Tuesday as we were out of school for snow. I doubt in your part of NC you have much snow to contend with.