Friday, January 6, 2012


Whew-wee!  What a week!
Tuesday actually began my work week.  It was hard going back to school after being out for Christmas Break, but we survived.
This has been a rough week.  My kids at school have had a hard time getting back into reality.  I didn't assign any homework the week before we got out for Christmas.  They didn't want to do any, and I didn't want to grade any either!
So, as you can imagine, when we got back into full swing, I had several who still weren't ready to get busy. Yesterday THIRTY of my team of 58 kids didn't have their social studies homework completed.  I was so disappointed and aggravated that when I got home, I had to get a nap.  I was physically and mentally exhausted!  I think Big Daddy felt sorry for me because he announced that we were going out to dinner!  So, we loaded up the truck and headed to The Sports Page in Denver, NC.  It was SOOO good!  Check out their menu by clicking HERE.  I got their "Chicken Something" and it was absolutely wonderful!  After the day I had had, it could have been wild onions and fried cow patties and it would have been fine!
Even after all that....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We're planning on going out to eat at a pizza buffet tonight with our friends Beverly, Vernon and their daughter Payton.


Charlotte said...

Amen! This was a rough week for me also. I took the last vacation days after Christmas so with the paid holidays I was at home for 11 days! Did not want to come back!

What's next said...

It is hard getting back in school!!! I was so glad it was a short week! Enjoy your weekend.