Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rain, Bacon, and Daddy

Hey Y'all!

It is STILL raining!  Seriously?  It's been raining off and on since Sunday.  Kills my cheery moods!  Actually, it makes me want to go home, curl up in my puffy recliner, grab some crochet hooks and yarn, and turn on the TV---or just sleep! 
This week I have to be at school early for breakfast duty. 
Robbie spends every Tuesday night with my mama and daddy.  They just live across the road from us, so I send his clothes, and call to make sure they're up before I hop in the shower.  I'm not really sure who enjoys it more--him or them---but I'm glad they live so close and that he's able to get to spend time with them.  I have so many wonderful memories of my Mammaw and Pappaw and I want him to be able to have memories of my parents too when he's older.  So this morning, I went to pick him up and he's sitting in my mama's recliner with a tray spread out on his lap.  He's chomping down on scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with jelly.  He says, "Mama!  Look!  I've got some of Papa's bacon and YOU DON'T!"  I thought we were gonna fall out laughing!  I made him finish (quickly) and get his coat on.  Once everything was together and we were heading out the door, my daddy meets me at the door with some toast and bacon.  Oh how he made my day!
The funny part....
While I'm getting Robbie's stuff together, I see my daddy go into the kitchen.  Then mama follows right behind him.  She's saying..."Are you going to fix Michelle something?"  He says, "Yep."  Then she says, "Well HURRY UP--she's got to get to school early!"  To which he replies..."Well GET OUT OF MY WAY so she can!"
Even though it's such a dreary day...I smiled the whole drive to school while eating that bacon on toast!
Thanks Daddy!

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Cheryl said...

That was really cute. Can just pic Robbie sitting there with bacon sticking out his mouth.