Saturday, January 14, 2012

Operation Organization...Sometime..

Hey Y'all!
I hope you've enjoyed your day today!
I slept until around 10:00 AM---Thank you LORD!  I rarely get to sleep that late, and since Robbie was spending the night with his Pop Pop and Mi Mi, I was able to sleep this morning.  I did wake up with a horrible back ache, but that comes with being 40 I suppose.
I got up, made me some coffee, and sat at the computer like a ding-dong for about an hour.
A friend at church had back surgery this past week.  A lot of the women picked nights to take supper for their family.  Me and my friend Beverly signed up for tonight.  She made a huge pot of chili beans and I made a Sun Drop pound cake.  I'd never made one before, but it was wonderful. 
Around 5:30, I threw some clothes on because there's nothing better than hanging around your house in your pj's all day long, and dropped off the cake at their house. 
After coming home, Big Daddy told me that Robbie was ready to come home.  They were ordering pizza for supper, and after picking a little hamburger off of one slice, he announced that he didn't need to eat that much pizza...he thought he'd just wait until he got home to see what his mama was cooking.
Bless it! the title of this post.
For those of you who crochet, please let me know how you organize all of it!
I cannot stand all of this yarn everywhere!  I have it in tubs, in trash bags, in dresser drawers--just one or two here and there, piled in baskets, wherever...
I checked Pinterest and found some good ideas:
This was supposed to be a wine rack:
Shoe organizers for the closet:

 IKEA shelves.
More Ikea

I KNOW I don't intend on paying $199 for this thing from IKEA.  I'm sure Big Daddy can whip one up a lot easier and for a LOT less money.

I've been working on some crochet today.  I have about 8 orders for hats so I'm looking forward to having Monday off so that I can get caught up.
More than anything else, I'm praying hard for SNOW--and some serious snow!  That seems to be the only time I get in a mood to do any organizing and cleaning!
Gotta go for the night.  My brother's birthday was Friday so the whole family will be here tomorrow after church to eat Chicken and Dumplings!  I gotta get my sleep tonight!!
Y'all take care!

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