Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog...THAT is the question.

Ok y'all.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here.
I have had several past posts with no comments and, well, to be truthful, it's a little disheartening. Cat and Cheryl and Doodah are my loyal and faithful little commenters, but I just wonder, besides them, is anybody reading what I'm blogging?
I think I may stop blogging for awhile....but I will be checking in on those whose blogs I can't seem to live without.
If you read my blog and don't have a blog of your own, it's ok! You can still post comments on my blog if you would, please.
That way, I know you're out there. Know what I'm sayin'?


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I promise...I'm reading. Just not always commenting. I have about 100 blogs in my Google Reader and just can't comment all the time. DON'T STOP!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I promise...I'm reading. Just not always commenting. I have about 100 blogs in my Google Reader and just can't comment all the time. DON'T STOP!

Cheryl said...

Me...Me...I'm reading and enjoy every one of your post.

I know what you mean, sometime I think no one cares about me but me.

Guess if I had a bunch of give-a-ways some one would come.

Huggsss to you my friend and keep on blogging. Some day the little one will be able to sit back and read about the past. Do it for him and me!

Bev Fisha said...

Oh PLEASE dont stop. I look on here everyday to see if you have updated, it is a part of "computer routine everynight after payton goes to bed. I really enjoy your site but have never commented.

The Kramer Angle said...

Good morning! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I completely understand how you feel! I also wonder if anyone is out there reading my blog besides my husband and kids! But then I wake up to a nice comment every now and then (like yours!) and it makes my day.

Plus I really don't think most people leave a comment. So blog for yourself and try not to worry about the comments. For me, it's an outlet I need!

I'll be reading!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading your blogs. I check several times a week to see if you have updated. I love reading all of your stories about precious little Robbie, since I have two wild little boys of my own with a third on the way. Please keep the blogs coming!!! Amy Waters

Amanda Beaty said...

I know you said anybody besides...but I can't stand the thoughts of you not blogging on a regular basis!!!! I have to have this! There are several times I read to put a smile on my face & to help me get through these crazy days at work!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!! I'M BEGGING YOU!! =) I love you sissy!! ~~~~Doodah

Cat said...

I've been bad about not posting when I'm out of the office and check it on my phone....I LOVE YOUR BLOGS! I sometimes wonder how you have the time but then I remember you stay up late...lol. You always make me laugh and help me through bad days. Love you girl! Keep on keepin on...blogging.

oliveoyl64 said...

I found when I blogged that it didn't matter if I received comments. I posted things that were relevent to me and if someone found them amusing or entertaining then they would post a comment. I still have my blog, but life gets in the way sometimes so I have not posted in some time.

The other issue is "blogrolling". Yes it is a great tool when you subscribe to hundreds a day, but you get to read the post w/o actually going to the blog. If they had a way to comment directly from blogrolls it would increase the comments left by your readers.

Keep blogging as long as you enjoy it.

Ginger said...

Don't stop blogging! I love reading your posts. I've been out of the loop for over a month now and just now getting back in touch with everyone. Your blog always brings a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

Meeechel, We are always rushed at church so I check out the blog every week to see what's happening with you, Big R and Little R. I love the pics and stories. I hope you know you are one of my favorite people and God uses you in sooo many ways!!!! Thanks, BWells