Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey Y'all!
Hope you're all doing great today! As it's Wednesday, and the middle of the week, I am getting more and more excited about Christmas vacation now!
This week my 7th and 8th graders have been cooking--nothing too hard or too fancy though because I only have 43 minutes with them. So today, we made "White Trash". I've also heard it called Nuts and Bolts, Puppy Chow, etc. Just look how fabulous this is!

If you'd like the recipe for the white trash, click here.
Also, a guy I work with is getting married this Saturday. Our group is sponsoring a shower for him after school today. I signed up to bring the mints. Y'all---me and my mama made these for the reception at mine and Big Daddy's wedding but they're so good...They're cream cheese mints, you've had them, right? If not, click here for that recipe and feast your eyes on this:

Now, night before last we had "Breakfast for Supper." It was wonderful as Big Daddy bought the sausage from a man he works with. They make their own when they kill hogs. Y'all--this is the BEST sausage I've ever tasted. Here's some pictures of our supper while we were cooking it:
Here's the sausage as we were getting it ready to fry!
Nothing beats cooking in a cast iron frying pan!Robbie loves helping in the kitchen! I let him stir the grits very slowly. He's growing too fast for me!
See that butter??Mmmmmm....
Ok now that you're starving, go eat something!
Have a great day!


Ginger said...

I wasn't hungry until I came by your blog! Everything looks delicious. We love breakfast for supper. Can't wait for Christmas break...2 more days!

Cheryl said...

My diet thanks you!I love home grown sausage. I swear, that kid is really growing. Bet he's getting excited about Christmas. Did you ever get your tree up?