Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why Max, WHY?

Happy late Sunday to y'all! I hope you had a wonderful Lord's day today and made it to your church.
Am I the only one who's FREEZIN' here? It is brrr-diddley cold outside. I love wearing big sweaters and sweatshirts--kinda hides my rolls if you get my drift.
Speaking of rolls....let me share a quick story that, to this day, cracks me UP!
About eight years ago, I sold PartyLite. I loved it and at one point had 13 women under me, or with me. We had fun doing candle parties and rollin' in the money. As burned out (pun intended) as I became I must profess that I am thankful for the time I was with that company. While a PartyLite consultant, I experienced my first ever airplane ride. I had never been anywhere that we didn't hop in a car. I will never forget how amazing those clouds look from way up there! Sometimes, I wish God would turn them all upside down so we could just adore their beauty from the ground! I went to St. Louis twice, Las Vegas, and Hawaii all because of PartyLite. The Hawaii vacation was EARNED and it was hard, but it was amazing. Big Daddy and I were honored to be at Pearl Harbor's 60th anniversary and we were there ON Memorial Day! Mmm...sweet memories!
Anyway, one weekend a bunch of us candle girls took a "training" trip to Myrtle Beach. We did training, but we got some sun, ate a bunch of fresh seafood, shopped, and laughed a LOT. While we were all laying out by the pool, my cousin Kelly says....(and here's where that story that I was talking about like 3 paragraphs ago comes in...)
"Y'all....if somebody walked by here, they'd think they were at the Merita Bread Factory." We were like...why??? And then...she just grinned....and said..."Well...'cause of all these rolls laid out here in the sun!"
Oohh...that Kelly is a HOOT!
Now...for the title of my post....
Can I tell you how horribly upset I am that Max Factor closed their doors? I know, right?!
I have worn their Pan Stik since I was 16 years old. That stuff was caked gold! One of my friends' boyfriends made the comment to her that he couldn't believe I had on make-up. Actually, he said, "Did you see that Michelle has on make-up today? Wow..she's beautiful!"
Y' I know he was HER boyfriend, but when you're a fat girl at age 16 and somebody makes that kind of know! I still adore Mark for telling her that. If I saw him today I would tell him what a boost he gave me and that for the next 20 years, everytime I put on that make-up, I would give Mr. Max Factor a big THANK YOU for making me beautiful!
Now that they've closed their doors who will I thank? More importantly, what kind of make-up can I wear??!!
I have these awful reddish pinkish spider veins on both of my cheeks and they're really bad. People sometimes think I have rosacia, or however you spell it. I need something that's as thick as creek mud, something that stays on. So, any advice?
About two years ago on a girls day out with my schoolgirls, I bought the whole Bare Minerals kit. After coming home and applying everything, it literally made my face look like I'd been wallerin' in the dust or something.
I am so aggravated and I need to find something good. I've ordered the Mary Kay creme to powder foundation, but that doesn't stay on all day like I like mine to.
If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!
In the meantime, I'm going to look for a flesh colored permanent marker to hide these red cheeks.
Bon Jour Mr. Max Factor. I loved you while you lasted. Peace out Pan Stik.....

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Heidi said...

I used to LOVE the MF pan stick too - Avon makes a stick makeup that is just as good and often on sale - Ideal Shade Mousse Foundation stick. Hope it works for you if you try it!