Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looonnnnnggggg Week but GREAT DAY!

Hey Y'all!
First of all let me say THANKS to those who commented this week when I was almost ready to give up the ole blog. Y'all made me feel better and I know some people are reading, so the show WILL go on...
I hope you've enjoyed your day today, however you chose to spend it.
I had a wonderful day!
We were scheduled to meet at the church this morning at 10:00 to get the Christmas Tree up and decorated. Our men's group held a BBQ to raise money for our new church van fund yesterday. They raised $1200.00 towards that and I'm proud of them! During a "lull" in BBQ flow yesterday, one of the men went ahead and put the 9 ft. tree up for us! WOOHOO! So today, all we had to do was decorate it. There were 7 of us, so we got it done in a jiffy! Afterwards we headed to a local spot called "Tommy's Drive-In" and piled in some lunch. They'll still come out to your car and take your order or you can go inside and eat. We went in and had a wonderful lunch!
When we finished eating, me and Doodah headed out to do a little shopping. First we went to Charlie Rector's in Gastonia. It used to be called Economy Craft but they changed locations and I guess needed to change the name too. I LOVE THAT LITTLE CRAFT STORE! Me and Doodah had such a fun time and I ended up getting some good deals on some great cotton yarn.
After that, we headed to a thrift store called Value Village. I found some VERY vintage honeycomb tissue items that were still in their original packaging. I got a bride centerpiece, an Easter bunny centerpiece, and a turkey centerpiece. I think I may put them in my Etsy shop but I got them for a STEAL! I also found more clip-on earrings like I collect--only one pair, but hey--they're cute!
Then we headed to Hobby Lobby! I ain't even gonna get started on how this store excites me. Just walking in the door and smelling that smell makes my creative juices start oozing out of me. All of their Christmas wreaths were 1/2 off, so I bought me some to put on the front shutters of the house along with some cute red Christmas bows for $1.00 each too! I hung them out with some of Big Daddy's fishing line and they're looking pretty snazzy at The Doublewide.
I've still yet to put up my tree, but I've put up two today. I went to Mammaw's and put her little tabletop tree up. She was absolutely thrilled to see it going up. She told me that NOW she can feel like it's Christmas and when I looked to smile at her, I saw her eyes welling up with tears.
Never forget how just doing something so simple, so small, can mean the world to somebody else.
May God use you to touch someone special during this holiday season.
I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow or Monday for you! The house is quiet as Big Daddy and Robbie are fast asleep, and I have a kitchen table FULL of craft goodies calling my name!
Be blessed!

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Would you believe I've never been in a Hobby Lobby?? We pass one everytime we go to Clemson but never seem to have time to stop.