Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wonderful Weather!

My goodness! It feels absolutely wonderful outside today! I have the door open to my classroom and the breeze from the courtyard is almost more than I can handle! It really makes me want to go find me a screened-in porch and a good quilt and drift off to sleep somewhere!
We have decided to go to the beach this weekend with Big Daddy's daddy and step mom. I really want to go to the NC Mountains really soon though. This kind of weather draws me to the mountains.
A friend of mine told me about Sky Top Orchard near Flat Rock. There you can pick your own apples and enjoy the day together. Check out their website by clicking here. I know we'll be going there soon!
Mammaw's doctor appointment is this afternoon at 3:30 pm. Please say a prayer that there is no major infection like MRSA and that things are otherwise going good for her, medically.
I hope she'll be able to move into our home soon. I've been talking to her every night this week and I think she's ready to move in. She doesn't want to be a burden on anyone and doesn't want to intrude in our lives. I just have to keep assuring her that she is NOT a burden and things will be easier on me if she's with me from now on. I have a peace about moving her in with us, so we'll see how it goes pretty soon.
Have a great afternoon!
I'm off to go do cafeteria duty during lunch! UGH!
Be Blessed,

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Cheryl said...

Great decision about the beach. I will be south of you and sending waves your way.