Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seems It's Gonna Be Saturdays

Hey Y'all!
I have been so busy this week! I'm responsible for our school's website and I have been really really busy trying to keep up with it so that I can get it up and running. Mammaw's been doing pretty good, but my daddy is still really sick with that cold that's going around so I had to cancel her appointment again. Her leg is doing much better and her overall health is doing fine. I'm going to go to her house in a little bit to give her her shower, so say a prayer for me. It takes so much of her energy just to get to the shower and get in the shower seat for me to bathe her.
Robbie has had a great week at daycare. He actually got to be the helper on Thursday. He was so excited and I am very proud of him. He's coming down with what everybody else has had in our family---a very nasty cough and a lot of congestion, so please pray for him too!
Our little pumpkins and candy corns turned out ok, but they've sat on a paper towel on the kitchen countertop all week. I have to look for my bin of paintbrushes so we can finish them and add the details. I promise I'll post my pictures soon--hopefully tomorrow sometime.
My 20 year reunion was last weekend and it was pretty fun. We had a fun time seeing old classmates and catching up with everyone. I even made it to the dance floor to do The Electric Slide--that's about all I can do. HAHA
I have reserved my spot for a booth at my little town's CountryFest for the first Saturday in October. I am going to be selling the jewelry from the Spring/Summer line from Just Jewerly and will also have a few other handmade things from here at The Doublewide. If you're near here, stop in and see me! I'll be right in front of BB&T so holler at us!
I've got piles of laundry and a messy house, so I can't sit here at the computer all day! I hope you have a great day today!

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