Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good News!

Mammaw's doctor appointment went well yesterday. They didn't say that the sore was infected, so we're glad. She saw a different doctor than normal, (again!), but he did wrap it to keep the swelling down and told us to leave it on for a week. My daddy's not real sure about leaving it on that long because he thinks it's too tight. So, we'll see.
We're headed to Myrtle Beach tomorrow after school!!!!!! I think Robbie may end up going down with his Pop Pop and MiMi tomorrow morning, which means I think he'll end up spending the night with them tonight.
I am so lucky to have three sets of grandparents for Robbie! It's so nice and I appreciate my "ME" time every now and then. There are a lot of parents who don't have that luxury, but know that I'm thankful!
I went shopping on Etsy yesterday! I love that website and could spend more money and time there if I had either one! ha ha
I did end up buying this from MagpieEthel! I love her cute stuff! Check her shop out by clicking here and check out her blog by clicking here!
Then I bought these flowers from Irene over at SunshineStitches. She does the most beautiful little thread crochet flowers EVER! Click here to check her stuff out too! Aren't they gorgeous?
Ok--I'm done for now! Hope y'all have a great day! I'm ready to get more crab legs in my belly tomorrow night or Saturday. Hmmmm...wonder if I could eat them at EVERY MEAL? hahaha


Amanda Beaty said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm.........crab legs!! You're making this big girl drool!

Cat said...

Now that I've learned from the pros at how to eat crab legs they always sound good to me! Have a great time at the beach and I missed you at WMU last night. Glad everything went well at the doctor.

Cheryl said...

So happy all worked out for Mammaw. Have a wonderful time and the beach!