Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shotgun Totin' Daddy!

Wooo-Weee Y'all!
How's your week been? It's been chaos as usual here at The Doublewide!
Tuesday morning I heard my alarm going off and inside, you know way back in your subconscious somewhere, I cussed it. Literally I'm swattin' and smackin' trying to find the snooze button so I can hit it like 20 times before I finally decide to haul all of this out of the bed. I rolled over, stretched, and couldn't decipher the alarm clock's I looked at my watch. Good Lord! It was 8:20. case you don't know, I'm a teacher....a middle school teacher at THAT! I'm supposed to be in my classroom by 8:00 at the latest. Thank God my cousin is the band director at our school. After freaking out, jumping out of the bed, and rifling through my pocketbook to find my cell phone, I finally got ahold of her on her cell phone. I told her that I had just rolled over and begged her to "babysit" my class. She agreed and off I set to get me and Robbie ready in a quick, fast hurry. I did make it to school at 9:15, which was pretty dern good for me, but not without my assistant principal, asking the teacher next door about my whereabouts. Oh well...things happen. They just seem to happen to me more, ya know?!
I'm going to try not to lose you here, so please just bear with me. I promise it'll be worth it.
My Pappaw Fred died 13 years ago. At the time of his death, him and Mammaw lived in a log cabin on a farm that they bought when I was in the 9th grade. I never really liked the place because it was 3 miles from "The Farm" where I grew up and Mammaw always made her opinion known that she never felt at home. They never really had neighbors when I was a little girl and after they moved, you could almost spit off the porch and it land on the neighbor's steps next-door. That never really settled with my Mammaw, but it didn't much matter. Pappaw liked it and that was that.
Since my Pappaw was known county-wide for his junk collecting, there was always barns, sheds, yard area and buildings full of old stuff. Not nice antique stuff either. Stuff like 100 old windows with metal casings, miles and miles of concrete, plastic, aluminum, terra cotta (bah-ha-ha) pipe, fittings, thingamahbobs and more. Most of it turned to rust.
One time he bought 3 old HUGE buses, the kind that looked like tour buses, from the City of Gastonia. I have no clue what his plans were for them, but they, along with everything else, sat out in the yard somewhere on one farm or another. My daddy's first cousin, Jack, used to tease Mammaw and say that he was waitin' on Pappaw to fix them buses up so that we could all pile up in those buses and all take a ride through McAdenville, which around here is known more affectionately as ChristmasTown, USA! HERE if you don't believe me! HAHAHA that site even has clinky Christmas music....ROFLMBO! Wait...let me just share one picture for you....

Ok...seriously though, it's beautiful at Christmas and us hillbillies in NC will load up a charter bus from 3 hours away just to ride through it! Luckily, we live 10 minutes away.
Now...back to the story.
Since Pappaw's death, most of the stuff is still lying around both farms. My daddy has hauled loads and loads to the scrap yard and made money to keep afloat during the past few years.
Well.....seems we've had some thieves around the log cabin farm. They've hauled out about 10,000 dollars worth of scrap metal. Seriously!
Long story daddy has been on the look-out and ran up on the van they used to load up and haul. He went into the area, saw nobody and proceeded to pull his shot-gun out of his truck. He walked over to the van and looked in through the back doors that were opened and saw that they were evidently in the midst of loading up and fired a warning shot. He then called 911 and told them that he had fired a "warning shot" because someone was on his property and was stealing metal items to be sold at the scrapyard. Within a few minutes, three men came out yelling, "Don't Shoot!" He told them they'd better stay where they were or he would shoot them dead as ducks. When they heard that he was on the phone with the police, they ran.
Police were dispatched and they found all three men less than a mile away. Oooh...I tell you! I wish I just could have been there to see the look on my daddy's face when he shot that gun off. Good for him! Those three men were charged and whatever charges were filed, felonies were a part of them because of something....don't ask me. I can't even begin to try and make any sense out of the legal jargon, I can just see my Shotgun totin' (tote-ing?) daddy as the smoke rises off the barrel with a big ole grin all over his face, while in the distance, on his old truck's radio, Charlie Daniels and his band are singing, "What This World Needs is a Few More Rednecks!"
You Go Daddy--Stand up for what's yours! This ole hillbilly daughter is proud of you!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh.My.Gosh!! I can not believe that!! When I worked for Blue Ridge bank in Stanley (yes, the old JP Stevens mill), we had somebody stealing the copper out of the back of the mill!! Yep!! and found out someone had even been sleeping back there too!! Probably could be the same people!!

I love love love your blog!! Have a great weekend!! I'm going on vacation!


Cheryl said...

WOOHOOO for him! Enough is enough, the courts stink and if bad people see we're taking control I believe some of this crap will stop.

Like on the news tonight. A guy broke into a car and hit the garage door opener. When the door was going up it woke up the home owner. He went in the garage and shot the guy in the leg. Good for him, it was his place you thief!

We live in the country also and if you come down our road you better stay in a car, we all have dogs!

Do like hubby did, move the alarm across the room, works great for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that cop was my dad! Awesome!!! -Lauren