Friday, September 4, 2009

What the WORLD?!

Hey y'all!
I used to have a student who would yell, "What duh Wurld?" everytime something scared or confused her. She was hilarious and I ran into her mother two days ago and got to send a hello to her.
WHAT THE WORLD was exactly what I said out-loud when I noticed my eye?!
It appears that I have a busted blood vessel and that my eye will probably get uglier before it gets better. guess I'll be putting on my sunglasses at the beach for our family picture that I wanted to take while on the beach.
Oh well...ya win some and then you lose some, right?
So here ya go---my ugly eye!
But enough about me!
How about you?
What are your plans for the weekend? After school we're on our way to the beach.
Whatever goes on your way, I hope you have a great restful weekend!
Be Blessed!

1 comment:

plo said...

Oh lordy, I can't look at it! I can handle boogers and such, but bloody eyeballs? You poor thing, I would have FREAKED! Hope it is better!