Friday, May 15, 2009

Such a STEAL!

Hey Y'all!
Last week sometime I was on Ebay--just looking around. I love to get on there and look for vintage crocheted items. Tablecloths and doilies are my absolute favorites to search for; along with Pink Milk Glass items too!
Anyway---I found this selection of doilies and linens and I put a $3 bid on them! Guess what? I won that bid too!
So for a whopping $3.00, here's what I got:

This has a tag on the back that says it's 100% Flax Linen and was made in Sweden.
Not real sure about this piece. I think it's my least favorite, but it may look cute on the table at Thanksgiving?
This tablecloth square was in the process of being worked on and was never completed. I can't wait to go match the thread and finish it! Here's a close-up of what's been done so far:
I think these were from the 80s. They have little painted, raised dots as decor. I sooo remember that Tulip paint and all their crafts! hee hee
Just a little close-up of the raised paint dots.
Here's a battered and tattered table runner or dresser scarf. It has so much character. It truly makes me wish it could talk to me and tell me it's history. I'm sure this is super old as it's falling apart. I'm hoping to bring it back to life with the help of my sewing machine and/or my needle and thread.
Can you imagine all the work that went into this?
I just love this precious little pink, green and white doily. It's not too often that I find square ones!
Isn't this blue rose doily pretty? There are a few threads that need to be clipped, but otherwise it's in great condition too.
Sweet little ducks embriodered in ribbon on a tea towel.

Check out the close-up below:
Plain and simple--this just makes me laugh!
Probably my favorite piece out of the entire lot. There are stains, and imperfections all over this but it's so delicate. I wish you could just hold it in your hands and feel how light the thread is.
Rarely see these scarves or runners in anything but white or ecru. I love the pinkness of this one. I hear my dresser calling it's name! Again, I love the brown spots and stains. It adds character!
Finally, the last piece to show you today! I think I did great!
So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed looking at what I got on Ebay this week for such a great deal.
Anybody wanna go antiquing/yard salein'/thrift store shopping with me tomorrow?

Have a great Friday and be blessed!


Amy said...

Awesome eBay finds are THE BEST :)

Ginger said...

You are so right. A lot of hard work went into those! All beautiful and what a great deal. have a great weekend!

Cheryl / Garry said...

A wonderful find! They are so pretty. Most folks don't even know what they are. My grandmother would sit for hours on making them.