Monday, May 18, 2009

Off Work Today...

and lovin' it!
Even though we only have until June 9th for school to be out, I had to be out of work today. My mammaw has a regular doctor appointment at 1:45. I'll have to go to her house in a little bit and give her a bath to get ready to go.
Before she got too bad to drive, she would go pick up one of her sisters and they'd go to Wendy's in town and park underneath the shade trees and eat a sandwich. She really misses that and she talks about it often. After I get her ready, I think we'll go sit in that very spot and enjoy a sandwich before her appointment!
We've had a great weekend here at The Doublewide. Big Daddy's little brother and his girlfriend are up from Florida. They flew in Saturday around noon. They came to church with us yesterday, along with Big Daddy's mama. We had a great time! After church, while being treated to lunch by Chris, we were talking about our church. Chris was raised Baptist so he was used to the service. His girlfriend however, is Jewish. She's never been to a Southern Baptist church service, so she's never seen an "altar call" after the sermon is over. She jokingly asked Chris what was going on...if there was a tornado drill?! We got a great chuckle out of that, but she did enjoy it. We ate together at Ryan's and as we were walking in, Big Daddy noticed a pigeon sitting inside of one of the letters in the sign. Robbie could NOT get over that! This morning as we woke up, he was still talking about that bird in the R. He's the funniest little thing and I make sure to thank my God everyday for the blessing he gave us!
They've all gone to North Wilkesboro this morning to visit with Big Daddy's PawPaw. Since Chris is a US Secret Service Agent, he doesn't get a lot of time to visit here like he wants to. I hope somebody has a camera, because I know they're having a great time!
How's the weather been where you are? It's been raining off and on all weekend here! Our garden loves it, but I really need to get out there and weed it out or we're not going to be able to tell green beans from grass!
I'm sooo looking forward to school being done for the summer. I'm tired, I'm aggravated, and I'm ready to spend the days with my little man, doing whatever we feel like! I told my little sister when he was tiny that I couldn't wait until me and him could go and play during the summer...when he's old enough to enjoy himself. Now it's here and I can't wait!
We're so lucky to have a daycare that let's us "off" for the summer too without having to pay. She does that for all of the teachers who have kids there. It's gonna be so nice not to have to pay $123 every week during the summer, right?!!
Oooh...almost forgot...
Tonight is my first jewelry party! I'm so excited! My best friend, Sharon, is hosting it for me and I hope we have lots of people there. I'm going to have a great time and I have quite a bit of inventory stocked up and I'm ready to make some moolah while I'm at it!
Check out the website of the new jewelry I'm selling:

Have a great day Ya'll and be blessed!

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Cat said...

A tornado drill! Too funny. I told Chris that we could put Shallom Ya'll on the sign to make her feel welcome! I wondered what she thought about the service. Chris said he bets she was the first little Jewish girl ever to attend Community Baptist! LOL..see ya tonight.