Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Mad at Wal-Mart...

I'm mad at Wal-Mart right now!
My poor mama has to work on Mother's Day tomorrow. Doesn't that just STINK! We're going to get together with my mama tomrrow, but we won't get to see her until supper. Ugh..I hate it and I'm mad! They should give the best mama in the world the day off, but that's just my opinion. And in the huge World of Wal-Mart, who am I?
I'm gonna miss my mama at church tomorrow. It's not a "real" Mother's Day to me if mama's at Wal-Mart working in the deli instead of sitting next to me at church in the morning, listening to my offertory that I want to play for her. So mama, while you're slicing ham and frying chickens for all of the other mama's to enjoy their lunches, know that this fat girl is missing her mama and will be waiting to celebrate you when you get home!
Man...we've been busy at The Doublewide this morning.
Have I told you how much I love me some Craigslist lately? I found some tables and chairs for my classroom at school. I know....why do I have to find them?
I guess it's because our school system, just like everything else in this state, is broke. It does amaze me however, that those tables and chairs that are in the room now have been there since the 1960s (serious---my mama had Home Ec. in that same room and those ugly tables were there when she was a student!). Can somebody explain that one? Oh well....I got it taken care of today. We drove about 45 minutes away and picked up 5 tables and 20 chairs for my new room. Paid for them with the beef jerky, candy, and drink money that I've earned selling to the kids. YAY! They're used but they're nice and all wood. I do have to scrape the dern gum off of all those tables and chairs and I'm gonna dare my kids to mess them up, you hear me?! hahaha
After dropping me off to get a hair cut, Big Daddy drove the truck and trailer home, parked it underneath mammaw's carport and then came back to pick me up.
We went and got lunch and then to the Dollar General store. going in there! After that we went to Rock Ridge Greenhouses and bought Mother's Day presents for our mamas and then came home to pot everything else that I got for myself! hahahaha Let's just say I can't pass up a good sale on flowers.
We sat around here just a little bit and mama called from her lunchbreak to tell me that the Wal-Mart in Denver just put all of their plants on sale for half off! Are you kidding me??!! Off we went again.
The ferns that we'd just bought for $9.99 in town were on sale at Wal-Mart for $5. UGH! Could have saved $15.00 had we been more lazy and waited until later, but it's ok I guess!
Now we're home and Pop Pop and Mimi are coming tonight for supper.
We'll do Mother's Day with Big Daddy's Mama at church and lunch tomorrow, then with my mama tomorrow night.
My Mother's Day celebration will be in the morning, says Big Daddy!
It's coming up a HUGE storm here, so I'll talk to you all later on!
Be Blessed!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I'm so sorry your mom has to work tomorrow!! I'm like you..that is terrible!!!

Hope your mother's day is extra special!!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Hope that you and your mom were able to have a great Mother's Day!